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Hi there! My name's Michelle, but just about everyone calls me Shell, it's one of those nicknames that has just stuck *grin*. Added to the fact that I love the beach, and live in a country surrounded by beautiful ocean, I really am a bit of an 'ocean girl'.

I'm currently seventeen years old, eighteen on March 14, and was born in 1981. I was born in a beautiful, cold corner of the world called Wales - Cardiff, South Wales - to be exact. I moved to Sydney, Australia with my parents and two older brothers when I was five years old. I love it here. I graduated from High School here back in November and am currently studying Naturopathy at the Nature Care College of Australia and a Bachelor of Health Science at the University of New England. I also design web pages as a part time job - I love art, and web page design is becoming a bit of a passion for me! I've been designing home pages first joined GeoCities back in 1996, in Area51. I moved to Paris in 1997, and it suited my interests and passions so perfectly I haven't looked back *smile*.

I remember how hard it was when I was first beginning creating home pages, and learning HTML, as I taught myself. I now have very good HTML skills, and am just beginning with Java Script. I'm learning more every day. I have an artistic eye, which also helps when it comes to web page design. If you'd like to visit any of the pages I've created, feel free. My main page in Paris, and my labour of love, is A Light Shower of Stardust which is a collection of writing, poetry and much more. My other pages are heavily under construction, so be warned! Cam & Shell's Home on the Web and The Peckham's Home Page.

If you need any help with your home page in Paris, feel free to contact me at the address below. Happy home page building!

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