introducing skyrket


Hello. My name is Andie, but around here I am known as skyrket. I am an Aussie by birth and moved to the US permanently in January 1999, where I am living in a small town in Nevada.

I am a computer programmer and web page designer by trade, although I have worked most of my life in office/customer service positions. I have travelled a lot around Australia, and lived for several years in Darwin, and also in Albury/Wodonga, as well as Adelaide, where I was born and raised.

I joined GeoCities in April 1998, in Silicon Valley. I had always intended to create an HTML Help Site there, but only ever got as far as "All About Andie" (which is sorely in need of updating!)

Writing has always been my passion - poems, short stories, essays - you name it, I've tried it! And several half-done novels. Unfortunately, in late 1994, shortly after my husband's death, I destroyed a lot of my work..

I started writing again in 1995, and in October 1996 I discovered Paris. That's when I created Skyrket's Corner.

I have several other projects also, which are at this time (February 1999) under construction, but then - what web page is not under construction; always growing, evolving, changing.... These are TabbyCatz and other Friends and AussieAndie's Tour of Australia

I became a Community Leader in Paris in December 1998. I am also one of Les Anges de Paris, a program where Paris citizens can find an HTML tutor to work with them.

At present I do not work, as my permanent residency in the US is not final. So that gives me heaps of time to play on the 'puter. Not that having a job has ever kept me off the 'puter!

My main strengths are HTML, graphics and webpage design. At this stage I know nothing about Java or WebTV, although I am planning on finding out as much as I can in the near future.. But if there is any way at all that I can help you, or if you just want to talk to someone, then email me!

The Official Stats on skyrket:

Member Name skyrket
Real Name Andie (Andrea)
Age Born on April 6, 1952, so that makes me...
Marital Status Married on February 20, 1999
Children The four-legged variety only; I have 4 dogs and 4 cats.
Employment I trained as a high-school teacher, majoring in Mathematics and English. My preferred employment now is in the computer programming and/or webpage design area. I am not presently working, due to my "alien" status in the US.. LOL
Hobbies Webpage design, yakking on ICQ, reading, writing, watching films, cooking, GeoCities, AND in my spare time I am completing a Degree in Computer and Information Science.
Home Nevada.. but South Australia will always be home too.
Favourite Food Pasta
Favourite Drink Cherry Coke!!! (We don't have that in Australia)