Hi and welcome. This is a page that is different from my homepage. This page is about Me. So if anyone wants some information about Sunnyball(Sunny). Here is where you can find it.

Internet Life :-)
Well incase you didn't know my Nickname is Sunnyball(Sunny) I first started surfing around the internet since August1,1998 since than I been a addicted to it ever since. :-) I explored, surfed went to lots of places until someone told me about this page called Geocities where you can make homepages. Then I didn't know what a homepage was :-) Or how to make one. I was lost and confused. It's like your the only ant in a city full of people. :-) Later on through out the years. LOL. It hasn't been years. I Figured out the html and I finally got a page I am proud to say I did. Cool isn't it. lol. Now recently I applied to be a Community Leader in Paris and I got a accepted and passed. Now that's cool. Now I get to help people at the html, I don't want anybody to be in the same position I was in when I first came here. :-) Well that was kinda of small but that's my Internet life. Now on to the Real World.
Real World :-)
The Real World. I am a 15 year old Female that lives Pennslyvania. I am currently a junior in High School. That's seems young isn't it, but my birthday is in December :-) I am going on 16 very very soon. :-) I love to help people whenever I can. And I love Computers, TV, sleeping and collecting Old newspapers. Kind of wired isn't it. Lol. I come on the net about 2to5 hours a day. One of the things I want to be when I grow up is to be a Computer Engineer, that's how much I love computers.I always face up to every challenge that comes towards me. These are the things I think that makes you stronger inside. I live up to one moto and one only Never quit at anything. If anybody has any questions,concerns,or just want to talk E-mail me.
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