The teahouse at the end of the Universe

Contrary to common belief, I am not Japanese. The story of how I got my net name is quite lenghty, so let it suffice that I have a degree in Japanese studies, which explains a lot.

I've been on the net since 1991 and had to make do with Lynx, B/W screens, and extremely slow connections for such a long time that I still dislike imagemaps, graphics-only sites, frames and generally everything that slows down loading time or excludes users whose internet equipment isn't up to date. That's what I created the Grand Cru Award for.

I joined Geocities in 1996 and became a community leader in February 1998, soon after I'd started to work in technical support for a rather complicated piece of software. On the hotline, I'd found out how much fun it is to help people - and to learn things I never thought I'd get the hang of.

I'm always ready to help, of course, and the more vexing a problem appears, the more fun it is for me.

And here are the sites I have built over the years:

Early Music, Costume History, Miscellany (about me, gallery...), and of course, the Paris Community Pages

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