A Crash Course in Adding Graphics  
If you wish, you may print out a copy of this to refer to as you work...

  1. Find a *free graphic that you like. Put your cursor on it. Right click on it.
  2. Select the "Save" option, and click "okay" when your browser offers to save it. Remember or jot down what it's called.
  3. Next, go to the GeoCities Utilities page, select File Manager , and enter your member name and password.
  4. Find the EZ Upload utility under your list of files. When you push the "Browse" button, look through your files to find the name of the graphic that you remembered (or jotted down). When you've selected it, click "Okay," then click "Upload." When GeoCities says it's been saved, you're all set! Note: GeoCities uses ALL UPPER CASE with some browsers , unless you said otherwise when Uploading.
Next, add the graphic to your GeoCities Home Page. Here's how:

Using the Advanced HTML Editor for your page, add

<IMG SRC ="filename">

where you want your graphic to appear. For example, to add a graphic called "ParisK.gif" that we have here on the Paris Community Pages, we'd type

<IMG SRC="ParisK.gif"> to get

If you right mouse click over this graphic, you'll see that this graphic is named "tower.gif". Or, check the "View Source" of your browser to find any information about the page you are curious about.

The files at GeoCities are case-sensitive , so if the file has a capital letter in it, your HTML (IMG SRC) reference has to have the same letter(s) in upper-case as well, or the browser won't show your graphic. For example, if your graphic is named"toWeR.gif",you must use this name exactly where you want it to show up on your page (so your HTML code would be

<IMG SRC="toWeR.gif">

You can also specify height & width of your graphics, alternate text for browsers without graphics, and align them, but this is just the crash course version... you can learn that from the HTML resources. We've listed a few places to learn HTML here.

Oh yes, one more thing: After you've used the Advanced Editor, never, never, NEVER go back to the Basic Editor or you'll lose all your extra HTML goodies. The images will remain in your file, but your page will be - once again - basic.

* Please copy only graphics clearly denoted "free," and always give a link or credit where requested. If the image had a copyright with it on its original page, be certain it has a copyright notice with it on your page, too.

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