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Becoming a Paris Community Leader
Please read the following carefully before applying

What a Community Leader Does
  • Community Leaders answer  Homesteaders Questions
  • Offer HTML assistance
  • Scan sites for good content and GeoCities Violations
  • Complete a monthly report
  • Fellowship with other Community leaders and GeoCitizins
Optional activities that Paris Community Leaders may participate in include Benefits of being a Paris Community Leader
  • 1MB of extra space added to your home page 
  • Free Geo-Plus after 6 months of active service as long as you are a Community Leader
  • 25 Geo-points per month to use in the GeoStore
  • Free GeoShops after 1 year of Service (some restrictions pertain)
  • Occasional free or reduced pricing on new software programs
  • Site exposure, your home page will be linked on the Paris Community Leader page and also within the Paris Community Center
  • New Friends
  • A Sense of helping and pride
Requirements for becoming a Community Leader
  • Time required a week 7+ hours
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Adequate Knowledge of HTML
  • A sense of good web design
  • An understanding of GeoCities Content Guidelines
  • An understanding of GeoCities Policies and Procedures
  • An understanding of GeoCities Programs and Features
  • A willingness to learn
The Application Procedure
  • Submit the application below
  • The application is then reviewed by the current Paris Community Leaders and voted upon.
  • During the review and voting procedure the Paris Community Leaders may contact you for additional information on your communication and knowledge skills
  • Applications are posted in the voting booth no longer than 14 days.
  • If your application is rejected you may re-apply after waiting 30 days.
  • If your application is accepted you will then be required to attend GeoCities Community Leader Boot Camp
  • All applications will be notified of their acceptance  or rejection.  If you have not heard from the Paris Community Leader Personnel Liaison within 14 days of posting your application please notify her at
  • Sometimes E-mails become lost and/or an application becomes misplaced somewhere in the system.
GeoCities Community Leader Boot Camp
  • Newly accepted Community Leaders must go through a training program before becoming a Community Leader
  • Community Leaders in training must have daily contact with their assigned mentor
  • Agree to complete their course study within a timely manner (Usually within two weeks)
  • The Community Leader Training program is an extensive learning experience and a lot of hard work.  Please take this into consideration before applying.
If you feel your up to the challenge of this rewarding job please fill out the application below.  By filling out the application you are agreeing that you have read the above information and understand all that it entails.

Paris Community Leader Application

Check this box to have a copy of this form mailed to you when submitted.

Geocities Member Name 

Real or Preferred Name 

Preferred E-mail address: (This address will be listed on the Leader html and if accepted into the Paris Community Leader program will be used publicly 

The Paris Suburb your Personal Home page is located in 

The number address of your Personal Home page in Paris 

Please write a SHORT description of your strengths (no more than 200 characters). This description will appear on the Paris Community Leader Page if you are approved. You can check the leader page to see what other people have done. 

I have reviewed the GeoCities Page Content Terms of Service and my site complies with them in all aspects 
Select One

I agree to participate in an intense training program lasting approximately two weeks. I understand this will take about an hour per day or more during this time 
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Do you have:? 
ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger
Number and or Membername

Birthdate 19

How long have you had a home page in GeoCities? 

How long have you had a home page in Paris? 

Have you applied to become a Paris Community Leader Before? 
Select One

What browser do you prefer to use? 

What does GeoCities and Specifically the Paris neighborhood mean to you? 

What would make you a good Community Leader? 

What are your areas of strength? 

How many hours a week can you devote to performing Community Leader Duties? 

What do you expect to get from the Community Leader Program?


Do I have to use the geoguide on my home page?
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If I found a way to disable the Ad Square can I use this? 
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Essay Questions

Please answer the following as if you were replying to a Geocitizens request for help.

I'm new at HTML and just started my first home page. I uploaded all my pictures using E-Z upload, but none of them are showing up when I look at my home page! What is going on??? Please help 

Aaaahhh! I forgot my password, and I want to edit my home page! How can I get it back or is it lost forever??? 

I want to move into Paris, but right now I'm living in Athens. Is there any way I can just transfer my files, or do I have to upload them all over again? 

Referred By

We would like to know how you got here. If you where referred here by a CL, asked to apply, or got a recruitment email please let us know.



Final Comments

If you have any last comments, write them below. If you are a CL in another neighborhood who is transferring here you might want to explain why you would prefer to be in Paris, or if you previously quit the CL program and are reapplying, this is a good area to explain why you quit. We wonder about these types of things so it's always good to give us as much info as you can.

Emergency Email

This Email will not be published but will be used to contact you in the event of a problem with the other one:


Remember, being a Community Leader is an important responsibility. Children under 13 are not permitted to apply. The personal information you will be providing is being sent to and collected by a volunteer, a Community Leader, and NOT an employee of GeoCities. This information is being collected solely for the purpose of evaluating your application to become a Community Leader, and deterrmining whether you should be accepted as an Paris Community Leader.
As part of the evaluation process, your information will to be reviewed by other Paris Community Leaders,and may be kept on file by the Paris Community Leaders for an indeterminate period of time. The general use of the application is to review your interests and desires to become a Paris Paris Community Leader and any information kept is solely for the use of this process. Please contact or the Paris Community Leader Liaison at if you have any questions about your information is used. 

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