The GeoLink Code

Yes it's true: The watermark now makes it unneccessary to put a link back to Geo on every page. But - do you like the watermark? Well I don't, and I think neither does the majority of steaders. I keep the code as a form of protest, and I would like to invite you to do the same - but with the icon linking here, to the Community Pages!

Here is just a small selection of samples of code you can use on your pages - code first, result below. Just copy it here and paste it to the end of your page. More GeoLink images, custom-made for Paris homesteaders, can be found on the Geolink Images page.

<center> This is a <a href="/Paris/2472"><img src=/Paris/2472/images/Paris88.gif></a> page.<br>
Proud to be in <a href="/Paris/2472">Paris</a>. </center>

This is a page.
Proud to be in Paris.

<center> This page is hosted by <a href="/Paris/2472"><img src=/Paris/2472/images/Geo4.gif border=0></a><br>
<a href="/Paris/2472">Become a Parisian!</a>.</center>

This page is hosted by .
Become a Parisian!.

<center> This is a <a href="/Paris/2472">Geocities Paris</a><>
Become a Paris citizen!<center>

This is a Geocities Paris page.
Become a Paris citizen!

<center><font size=2> This is a <a href="/Paris/2472">Geocities Paris</a> page.
Become a Parisian, too!</font><center>

This is a Geocities Paris page. Become a Parisian, too!


This page was prepared by Yoshiwara