The Paris Grand Cru Award

The Paris Grand Cru Award has been set up to honour those sites that have been designed with respect to user friendliness (achieving great effect with simple means rather than graphic/sonic overkill), and to give feedback to site owners.

What does "Grand Cru" mean?

Historically, it is a title given to the best wineries if the Bordeaux region. The best of all were "Grand Cru Classé", the best of those in non-noble hands "Cru Bourgeois". The meaning, if translated, comes out as something like "great selection" - a title fit to be given to the best sites in Paris.

The criteria are modelled on what makes the most visited, most cherished sites on the web what they are, plus a few Geocities specials. It's not only content that counts (which can change greatly over time and is largely a matter of taste), but above all the technical quality of the design. Grand Cru Award

The prerequisites for winning the Grand Cru Award are are as follows:

Anything listed among the Golden Rules for Bad HTML can be used as a guideline for what a site should not be like. A site submitted for the award will be tested with and without images loaded, with Java and JavaScript disabled, and with two browsers of different versions.

Please take the time to fill in the form completely. A site that's worth an award should be worth the few keystrokes! Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

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