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There's such an awful lot of howtos and tutorials out there, about homepages and the Net in general, that we didn't think it necessary to exert an awful lot of energy only to repeat what others have said. I mean, that's what links are for in the first place!

The pages linked here do in most cases not deal with HTML and webpage editing. There is an extra page for homepage resources.

General Geo-specific
Help Guide Collection Access all of Geo's Help Guides from here
Signing Up The process of signing up for a free homepage
Getting Started The first steps of building a homepage
Move Utility How to move to a different Geo address
Password Lookup How the "Lost Password" utility works
Profile Editor How to use the profile editor
Profile Deletion If you want to move out of Geocities
GeoPlus Signing up for Geoplus etc.
Geocities Help Chat Ask people for help directly
Geocities Help Forum Post a help request or question here
Uploading/Downloading Files
FTP Procedures See how you can access the Geo FTP server using any FTP client. This how-to is not client-specific.
File Manager Simpler but slower: EZ File Upload in the File Manager
Command Line FTP A Paris page! Using the most basic of upload/download tools with Geocities
Upload Problems A Paris page! Common problems and what to do about them
Understanding the Internet: FTP About FTP, FTP software, anonymous FTP servers
Anonymous FTP A Paris page! More about FTP servers, permissions and access
Geo e-Mail Help Using your Geocities e-mail account
The Unofficial Geocities e-Mail FAQ By a fellow homesteader - there's nothing like personal experience ;)
Understanding the Internet: e-Mail About e-Mail, mail software, mailing lists
Geocities Chat Guide How to use the chat rooms Geo offer
Chat Security A Paris page! Important hints - how to protect yourself from nasty shocks
Understanding the Internet: Usenet Internet message boards, software
ICQ Quick Start Entry-level tour of ICQ
Subdirectories Tutorial A Paris page! How to make your internal links work if you have subdirectories
Athens CLs' Search Engine FAQ Advertise your page in the Geocities search engine
Athens Helpsource
Heartland WebTV User Guide Favourite help forum questions answered. You can also ask questions here.


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