Using Style Sheets, You Can...

<-------... make a decorative left border without having to use a 1024-pixel-wide background image and place the text so that it doesn't cover up the border. Horizontally repeating background images (a border across the top) are also possible.

... put text blocks anywhere you like without having to put them into a table that only allows left/centre/right positioning.

... create text blocks of a certain width, like x cm, y inch, z pixels etc, and let them overlap each other. But then some would be obscured, so it makes more sense to let text overlap a transparent GIF. ...make images overlap each other:

... use not only the usual font sizes of 1-7 but anything a true type font allows which is usually from 1pt (point) to about 172 pt without the big size jumps

text blocks that

... assign different backround colours to text without having to put a table round it.

... background images are also possible

... as well as borders

of different appearances

e.g. 3D effects with different

colours and widths and even

borders on only one to three sides

... and create links without underline like this one which leads back to the style sheet main page... 1