Webrings are mushrooming everywhere, and for good reason: They can be a much better search tool than the usual search engines. There usually is a ringmaster who reviews the pages before admitting them into the ring, so you can be relatively certain that all pages of a ring have to do with the ring theme.

Joining a ring can give your page a real boost in hits, but not necessarily. Before filling out the submission form, you should make sure that the ring is well maintained, i.e. that there is a clearly defined theme with which all member pages comply.

The process of joining varies. If you come across a so-called ring fragment (usually a table with images such as the one below), a click on the ring name will take you to the ring home page where you will learn more about the theme and how to join. In most cases filling in a submission form enters into it somewhere, then a mail with the code for the ring fragment which you are required to paste onto your page before you are admitted. The sooner, the better.

To learn more about webrings, please visit webring.org.

Webrings in Paris

The Paris Community Leaders Ring can only be joined by active community leaders. It is a good tool if you want to know your CLs better, find a CL at a theat... er, homestead near you, and to contact them: Every ring fragment has an email link in it!

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The Paris Prestige Ring links pages that won an award from the community leaders, or are Featured Pages. Use it to browse the best pages of the hood, hand-picked by experienced webpage designers, or join if your site is featured! As this site is not featured, we cannot offer an entry point. Start your stroll from the ring homepage.

The Paris Parade of Homes is open to all Paris residents, as long as your page conforms to the GeoCities Guidelines, and has been moved in - i.e. has some content.

Paris Parade of Homes
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