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You have found yourself in a place of extreme weirdness. For those of you who look at web pages and decide whether they are right for you or not by the first few sentences, let me clarify exactly what are on these pages. There will be at any given time, several weird and amusing articles available for your perusal. There is a "horn page" for all who are interested in the (dare I say it) [French] horn. There will also be a files page with all my miscellaneous files I enjoy that my server will allow me to have including, but not limited to, Beatles stuff, Pulp Fiction stuff, and horn stuff. Also, you might notice there are no construction .gifs or anything mentioning that this page is under construction. Well I figured that being the web connoisseur you are, that you realize that all web pages are always under construction (except the ones that suck). Well, this one doesn't suck, so expect frequent changes to the page and come back for our weekly contests.

Weird and Unusual [Funny] Stuff

Pick-up lines for the terminally lonely hearted.

If those don't work (ladies), check this out.

A log of two people having cybersex. You kinda get the feeling the guy doesn't know what he's doing. (or does he?)


The Fart Dictionary in text format.

Top 10 signs The Beatles will appear on The Late Show.

Signs that the rest of The Beatles don't like you.

Revelations about Ringo Starr.

My File Area.


Crappy links.

Cool links.

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