"For no creatures under God are as we are,
none so like Him as ourselves..."

You have landed in the vampire corner
hosted by Pompadour, abar's designated pathfinder to the more obscure
of vampiric resources and collector thereof.

If you want to know what abar (actually a.b.a.-r.) is all about, 
Read The Fine Material published on the web - see bookmarks below.
They are only a small selection of the creative (and collect-ive) energy spent on the 
general theme of vampires in general and specifically the Anne Rice vampires.

All I will offer you are things other people don't offer. Not more, not less.
I can't write adorable specs like some people do,
and I lack the time to put my best talent to use, which is painting and drawing. 

But even if I would manage to finally get the portraits of Louis and others ready,
I would not be the first. Have a look at The Vampire in Modern Art.

Or would you like to learn about Horror in Modern Poetry?

Another talent is getting people to lend me hardware to do strange 
things with, and suddenly there are 
stills from IWTV. Since Nov 27 1997, there are new and even better ones.
(There are 36 now!)

And sometimes strange little ideas - for example, did you know that 
Lestat was not the first vampire in America? You don't believe it?
Load this picture.

And maybe one day when you come here again, there will be a whole collection of portraits! Just wait and see. Meanwhile, as I know that many vampire fans also like historic costume (most of all, 17th and 18th century drag), here's a little link to my costume site.

My vampiric bookmarks:

The VampOrganisation
Vampyres Only
Dr Casey's Horror Cabinet
gothic resources and links to dark sites of the web... says it all  horror multimedia 
Em's Cellar
a.b.a-r spec archive
Jörg Folcker's Pages
vampiric liric, er, lyrics, and a web design that knocks you over because some people do better than Anne Rice lately did... multimedia from IWTV and other vampire films

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