Join the CostumeRing

You want to become a Ring member, then? Fine!

Filling in the form that is to follow (by clicking on the submission button) 
means that you join the big big queue of sites to be added to the ring. 
As soon as you have completed the form, this is what's going to happen:

  >>You'll get an email containing your site 
  ID and an HTML fragment, already customized 
  for your site. 

         >>Paste the fragment onto your page. The two images that go 
         with it (representing "Next" and "Previous"), will be loaded
         from this site. If you want to maintain them locally (for faster
         loading), download them here. To preview other versions now available,
         step over here.
         For a bit more action, or if you want to advertise the Costume Ring 
         more eye-catchingly (thank you!), you could use this animated gif: 

                   >>Notify the ringmistress as soon as the ring 
                   fragment is in place. She'll check out your 
                   site and, if she finds that it meets the oh 
                   so many requirements, add it to the ring.

                              >>You'll get an email notifying 
                              you that you're in. 

If you have any problems or questions, the ringmistress is there
to help you. 

Link for non-JavaScript browsers: Submission Form

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