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Hi, I'm Igor Sinyak, enjoying life for the 28th year, now living in California, San Francisco bay area. If I were to outline my life, it might look something like this:
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Intel logo I am a Senior Software Engineer at Intel , in Santa Clara, CA, working on 3D graphics, as you can see in my resume. I manage a team in Russia, so I often travel to there and Europe. I've been at Intel almost 8 years, previously working on digital video architecture and compression algorithms. I am now eligible for my sabbatical!

Drexel logo Education
Stanford logo Columbia logo I did my graduate work at Stanford (Decision Analysis) and Columbia (Electrical Engineering). My undergrad days were in Philadelphia at Drexel U., in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Want details? How about graduation pics?

Creating Music
Piano I've played piano/keyboards for 15 years now, spending a lot of time composing. Do you have pianist envy? ;-) My music is a mix of new age and classical; melodic, intense, passionate. Listen to some of my songs online.

Listening to Music
My listening tastes are clustered around a triangle of:

 Yngwie Tri-ryche Scorpions

Melodic Metal
Yngwie Malmsteen, Queensryche, Scorpions
Classical & Baroque
Yanni Enya Bach, Beethoven, Mozart
New Age
Yanni, Enya, George Winston

Supporting/Promoting Music
Rising Force I edit and publish Rising Force, an online digest covering Neoclassical Metal. The genre can be described as classical or classically-influenced music performed with the sound of modern-day metal. Classical music that exemplified virtuosity on violin and piano can now be heard with all the intensity and flawless technique of guitar and keyboards.

Wolfgang Lives! (Mozart's 25th Symphony), by Michael Harris

I've put this project on hold or a while due to time constraints :(

Since graduating, I've lived in the Philadelphia, Princeton, Phoenix, Portland, and Palo Alto areas. Anyone see a pattern? :-) What's next, Paris?

Actually, a couple years ago bought a townhouse in Mountain View, neighboring Palo Alto. And, believe it or not, it's on Easy Street! Know anyone looking for a great place to live? Please see my shared housing ad. It has a really cool contemporary architecture, comprised of 5 levels. Look here soon for pictures.

animated globe Aside from traveling to Russia on business, I take frequent trips for business and pleasure, closing in on the quest for 1 million frequent flyer miles. I now have enough to fly on the Concorde - this will probably be for my honeymoon (whomever that will be with :). To me, one of the best things about traveling is having someone to visit when you get there. If you enjoy visitors, please let me know, and I will look you up next time I'm in your area. Of course, you should feel free to look me up if you're ever in the bay area, and you might just find yourself invited to whatever my friends and I are up to that day/night!
The places I visit most often are Phoenix, Portland, Philadelphia, New York, and Moscow.  However, a great technique for seeing new places is connecting in a different city each time.  This is easily possible because of various code share agreements, or just by using creative routing.
The next trip to Russia will be in the winter. I'm planning to connect through a European city and spend some vacation. Russia will be too cold for vacation then, and I haven't been to Europe in the winter yet.  Can anyone suggest a good city to connect in at that time?

Take a photo tour of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Sinyak family My parents live near Philadelphia, PA, and my sister goes to Penn State. See some pictures of them.

Friends are your chosen family. Pictures!
colorful art
I appreciate art and decor that is rich and creative with vibrant color. Favorite styles are impressionism, pointillism, realism, and surrealism.

Performing Arts
Les Mis One of the advantages of always living near big cities is the availability of culture. I thoroughly enjoy theater, some opera and ballet, but most of all musicals, my favorite being a tear-jerking performance of Les Mis&eacuterables on Broadway.

Ping pong Table tennis is my favorite sport to play, probably the one I'm best at. Others include tennis, volleyball, and step aerobics. The only time you'll find me watching sports on TV is the Olympics, especially the Ice Dancing.

Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom dancing I recently got back to ballroom dancing. This was great fun in undergrad, and I've started taking group and private lessons again. My favorites are the Tango, 2-step, not the country kind!) Salsa, and Swing.  I'm currently looking for a partner.

Russian I I am fluent in Russian. Comes in handy when I have to call my team for weekly status meetings, and the 11 hour time difference gives me an excuse to come into work late :-)

I learned Russian while growing up in the Soviet Union, Kiev, precisely, until I was 9. So I have the vocabulary of a 9 year old :)
After spending some time in Arizona, I now have a dry sense of humor. Ok, I'm an incurable punster. I love to play with words. You can catch examples of that all throughout my pages. I'm sure you've figured out that Sinphony is a play on my last name, Sinyak, and symphony. The result evokes images of symphonic passion yet with a sinful playfulness. I'm also taking an improvisational comedy class which is incredibly fun.  The hardest part is learning how NOT to think and analyze the situation, but just to react spontaneously.

Anagrams for my name are:

Check out some more of my favorite anagrams.
My tastes in poetry are easy to understand - I like well crafted rhyme and rhythm. Sonnets are genius, I really like the structure imposed by it yet so craftfully filled by master wordsmiths.

I dabble in poetry myself, though seldom nowadays. Here's a small sample, perhaps a chorus to a yet to be completed song, very simplistic, yet pretty much my slogan:
Show me what I haven't seen
Teach me what I do not know
Take me where I haven't been
And you'll sense the feelings grow
Can anyone compose a better last line?

I guess the origins of my support for feminism are rooted in seeing my mother, an engineer in a male dominated field, get paid and treated as a woman at work, rather than a mind. I feel it important to document my views.

growing rose growing rose reversed

I am seriously evaluating the prospect of getting an MBA. This would require taking two years off from a job that I love and spending an astronomical sum on tuition. I think it's best to do it full time; I feel an MBA education is very dependent on daily student interaction. Does anyone have any experience with such a decision?

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