...and the same in Polish:
wedrowcze WEBski!

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Welcome to GranPa's Cabaret!
Like in every decent cabaret, we run a continuous Show here.
There is a Gallery, too.
And the Bar, where you can play games, read news and... well, you know what the bars are for?
The Office is always open for business, if interested...

Tables, is the area where my guests are seated. Meet them, see what are they ready to tell or show you... After all, a cabaret is also a place to meet people.

Well now - go wherever you fancy, do whatever you want... Billy Bully salutes you Excuse me, Sir! Spitting on the floor is not the kind of behavior we would expect from our respectable guests... and have a good time.

Oh, almost forgot!...
Like to be saluted? Just return here after viewing other page - and Billy B. will be delighted to please you...
Don't overdo it, though...

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