The Chinese SULPLICE !

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From Singapore, one of LOV's virtual adoptive daughters (my poor destiny, to be the father figure .. SIGH). She's cute, sweet, and has a very wicked sense of humor. Every day she sends her (mostly naughty) jokes into the world.

If you ever want to know all about Singapores nightlife, she's the one to tell you everything there is to know.

So here's one of her jokes !

A small time building contractor in England lands a job, renovating an old house... he goes to the local pub to hire craftsmen..and soon ends up with one carpenter, an electrician, a bricklayer and so on....
Finally he announces that he needs someone to handle the supplies.. ..and from one dark corner a Chinese guy yells out that he certainly can take care of that.....

Well.. the work starts and after a few days the boss goes to visit the building site.... he finds the carpenter, the bricklayer, the electrician and so on..... all working hard but running low on supplies...
so he asks them for the supplies man...this is well into the second week of work.... but they all say they haven't seen him since they started...

The boss looks for him all over the site... looking even under stairs.. and in the garden.... but he is nowhere to be found... until.... he opens a small closet door.... and out jumps the Chinese guy..... very excited.. .. yelling : SULPLICE !!!!!!!!!!

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