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edge First of all we 'd like to thank Geocities for giving us the opportunity to create our first home page. A year ago, we bought our first computer and never thought we would be able to create our web page that soon.
madIn fact we learned everything about computer from scratch and we've had a lot of fun doing this page and hope that you will enjoy it a lot and come back to visit us.

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Fabrice globeBut before we go any further let us tell you a little about ourselves. We, Fabrice and Corinne, were born in a region called Picardie in the North of France
(about 150 km North of Paris)
NYCEversince we met in 1982 traveling has always been part of our lives. So between vacation travels, we moved to another region of France, South West -close to the Spanish border- to get a little closer to the sun. We spent 5 years in this beautiful region and eventhough we enjoyed life there, we couldn't resist the appeal of another sunny place Florida.


Corinne readyWe discovered Florida in 1992 , thanks to good American friends (Michelle & Donnie) met 10 years earlier, who invited us for their wedding.
We fell in love with the endless white sanded beaches, and the climate, etc...
So why did we take the jump, beside the scenery ?...
ready Well, we always were tempted to get a valuable experience abroad, and we already liked the country.Thanks to the support of all of Michelle's family (special thoughts for Kim), and a lot of preparation we ended in Bradenton, Florida (Tampa Bay) in October 1993.

hot dog

drinkWhen you live in another country than yours, things are pretty difficult at the beginning. But with our open minds and a lot of optimism we got through. We also stay active and in touch with different French associations.
sand We think there are bad and good things in any country you live in, you just need to find your own mark and pace.
great!!! Our motivation to come here is to improve our personal and professional lives, Corinne as a medical technologist, and Fabrice as an import-export consultant. Another good side of the USA is that it gives you the chance to meet people from all over the world. And now thanks to the internet, we can even meet virtual friends from anywhere at a click... for that we like to use POWWOW. We love learning and exchanging our cultural differences with people from all around.

EnzoHi ! I'm Enzo the "kid" or should I say the dog of the family... I am a Bearded Collie and Corinne and Fabrice brought me over with them to share their American adventure. Palm It's really hot here, 'cause the sun always shines. But they let me stay in the house and I really enjoy the comfy soft carpet and the air-conditionning !!

waveI have a big yard where I can run and play with my ball and sometimes I get to swim in the Bay. I have lots of friends in the neighborhood. There are two invisible dogs behind a fence next door and a nice lady German shepherd on the other side. fish Hey ! I have to say, life is pretty good. Even if sometimes I miss sleeping under the stars like I used to in Gaillac. Well, if you want to know more about me and my kind, I think Corinne is writing a page where you can find all that. See you there...



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