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I'd like to thank everyone who has written in my address book. I thrive off of your comments. Before you read my poetry I would like you to know a bit about me. I would give you my name but... There are some crazy people out there so...Well I am a teenager (19, as of Jan.) and a male. All the poems you will read are some way related to my life or are an event that happened to me. ENJOY!! You can contact me through ICQ too; my number is 6627647.My aim is Simioen. All these poems were pretty much written when i was 15 and 16. but ENJOY!


My poetry As I look around I Wait If I could I would...
Abby's Street Valentines Day? My plane ride
If I was shun. Runaway The life taken
Love..Ido Fall. Love...it is
Confession to Lo First Kiss. If You have AOL IM You NEED this!
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