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Under Construction ! Still!

Yes I know, this place is taking forever to build. After all I said that:

'This is going to be a place for Poetry and the Arts. Here I'll display some of my favorite poems, by authors such as Dante, Byron, Nérval and many other Portuguese and Brazilian poets you have probably never heard about. And trust me, you don't know what you're missing! I'm also planning to include a few paintings and some thoughts on the tricks of my trade- Translation'

So ?

Well I'm still at it. But at least now you can visit the Francesca da Rimini pages, which are ready, at long last. And there is more in the oven:

No Elemento Sedativo-Oswald de Andrade

and the one and only Une Femme homepage

(viewed best after two gin-tonics)


Read French ? Visit the Club des Poètes.

Ok you still can do that, if you like...

Or you can visit my friends here at Geocities...

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