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Hot news: Coming soon: King Arthur van de Mafiosocats, born 980115

a picture of Lancelot van de Mafiosocats, blue silver tabby male neuter, breeder Corry Meyer

more pictures of Lancelot (updated 960906)

This very dusty homepage is dedicated to my favourite pets: The Maine Coon cat and the wire-haired Dachshund. Today, the 7th of January, 2003, I decided to update this page, or better do a complete makeover. There will be something about the Fila Brasileiro also. And our big prizewinner, Maine Coon Zorc van de Mafiosocats, will be portraited too. But first let me introduce myself. My name is
Erik den Ouden. I live, together with my partner (Her name is Ingrid Weis) and our pets in the North of the Netherlands. For a living (and also for fun) I'm working at the largest general hospital in the Netherlands, the Isala klinieken (dutch)

Chaka Myrthe de Lanzoo, standard wire-haired female neuter, breeder M.H. Lansink, Hengelo

more pictures of Myrthe (updated 960913)

some topics to appear on this page in the near future

Pr. Zoe van de Mafiosocats, red tabby female neuter, breeder Corry Meyer

more pictures of Zoe (updated 960906)

Links to some of the topics, mentioned above

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