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Urdu Aashiq

Tasmin Ahmad (Saalik)

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Who am I anyways? <<< More Info+Urdu Poetry
I am a software engineer/manager living in Islamabad, Pakistan with my family. I am nuts about poetry and prose in my native language, Urdu, which is the national language of Pakistan. The title Urdu Aashiq means "one who is in love with the Urdu language."

A Matter of Faith <<< More Info
The way of life I try to follow is at the same time the oldest and one of the newest in the world. It is called Islam. For more info, click where shown above! You will also find there, a link for my PrayerMinder software which displays prayer times for today, anywhere in the world.

Beloved Soil <<< More Info
I belong to the country called Pakistan. Pakistan is located between Afghanistan and India, and has a short coast line on the south.

All Work, No Play <<< More Info
  • I work for in California, USA.
  • I have also launched a commercial web site ( servicing the Real Estate Agent industry in Pakistan.
  • Before that I worked at Allied Software Corporation (Pakistan), which is affiliated with Gigatron Software Corporation (USA).
  • I spent five years working for Rockwell International before joining Allied.

  • Play Work  
    This be serious work, but it be on the hobby side of my life, so it be depend on the amount of time I manage to spend without undue strains on my wife & family, and my job:
  • Islamic Prayer Times program (, especially for handhelds.
  • Astronomy -- my childhood fascination which was dormant until October 2003, when it was rejuvinated upon peeking through a friend's telescope.
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