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Gargoyles Then and Now -Have you ever wondered just what is a Gargoyle and it's history of how it came into our on world. Visit this page to unleash the answers to these age old questions. Hear an audio greeting, take a Cathedral tour or see the present day Gargoyle in my home state North Carolina at Duke University!

THE ORIGINS-Why we have Gargoyles, and how did they become so strange.

GARGOYLES AND THE MEDIEVAL MIND-Learn how in the medieval ages what peoples beliefs were of these gargoyles.

SYMBOLISM-Gargoles mean many things!
  • Disembodied heads
  • Gender/Species combinations
  • Gaping mouths
  • Men with foliage
  • Sex objects

CATHEDRAL TOUR- Visit the Gargoyles in France or England. In France there is the cathedral St.Lazarus at Autun and also Notre Dame. In England there is the Winchester or the Cathedral at Canturbury.

Gargoyles & Grotesques-Carved in Stone -This site has more of gargoyles and there surroundings. It shows you how they are used in everyday world and the different types of materials that are used to carve these creatures into stone!

Poetry Section

Cocaine Kiss -For the dark side of inhale your last breath of beauty. Visit this site and check out not only the Guest poetry which is it's true feature but also the author's realm.

For those of you who do apprecaite poetry as much as I do there are some wonderful sites out there on the web. For instance if you like Byron, Keats or the Shelley's as I do I come visit the Romantic Cirles page. To enter press the link below and go to the Electronic Editions where you will have a choice of which poet you would like to read and their works.

Romantic Circles

Irish Poetry Page -I have to add this site mainly since I'am half Irish but also it is a wonderful source for reading some poetry by famous Irish Poets. It has won awards from the National Library of Poetry as it's Top Site. It has even some of it's Irish Poems set to music.

Pure Romance..Poetry to weep over - This is one of my best friends poetry sites he not only writes poetry but also short stories this man is far creative from all else that I have known in my life...truely an artist and as he grows I'm sure that this is a poet in the works on to fame! This site is truely an experssion of who he is from his Romance to his heartbreak to the depths within his dark soul! Come see the MYTHS, Romance and Life of a true poet!

Rooms Of Poe -One of my favorite poets who's mysterious moody side has attracted me into his realm of darkness. Stop by this site and see for yourself all the sides of Poe, pick from the 5 different chamber door to tap on to enter. Choose the GREEN door and enter the realm that celebrates life. Now just next door is the chamber of BLUE walk into this room and experience sorrow and apathy. Now only if you DARE slowly walk to this door of BLACK watch your ever step as this room will show you death and other ominous themes. And as always with death there is love that's the next chambor door, RED touch the handle and open the door to see that love is not always what it seems. And lastly you have experenced all side of life you must also enter the WHITE room here you will have faith and understanding found in this room! Now go leave this site and embark on a jounery that you will find leaves you breathless and wanting more!

Here is some links to my online chat friends. We all can be found in IRC on in the room Vampcafe!

Asylum-I have no words to express my lost for this year death has haunted me and has forever been around me. More so then I wish for other to bear, when there are 7 deaths that surrounds me and finding out another dear friend just passed is more then I can bear. I'm asking all who visit my page to at least stop by this page and see how much he was truely loved! ASYLUM(Christopher) You shall live...

Mode's Hompage -A friend of mine that told me that geocities is where I should put my homepage up, but not only that she's from the Vampcafe. Her page is still growing but come to she her parent's hotel in Boston or see some pics of her and some of us from the Vampcafe!

LordTiger's Domain -One of the major key op's in the cafe. He's got this page that's to die for, graphics, fonts and everything is just right..defintly need to take a look at this and see what a REAL webpage should look like! This sweetie pie is from Canada who has links from some regulars of Vampcafe, and pictures including one of me that's not on my page! So come and visit there is something for all!

Kestral Page -I know I know another Vamp regular. She's a woman with a sense of humor just visit her site and find out why-Need I say more!

Phish Page - Okay yep it's another MIRC friend and she too is starting her web page actually she's moving in to a new place there's nothing up right now but you just wait there is boyound to be something worth looking at!

Caine's Haven - Now what can I say about CAINE..well he has been a terrific friend but I know you all don't want to hear the sappy details you just want to know about he's page to decide if you want to visit or not. Well let's see if you want to know or get a sense of what any of us look like on VAMPCAFE and I do mean ANY OF US this is the site above all us to visit. You know CAINE, I don't think you left out got pics of us all!! Plus he's got pages of our homepages listed but most of all you get to know what I know..What a wonderful loving person this man is!! So come on what's your delay gotta visit..I know I do and OFTEN just to keep up with everyone!!

Dark Delicacies - Hollye's page yes I also met her in Vampcafe so long ago..*blowing dust off the book* anyways her page, she has two altho one isn't up yet...but the link here is to her homepage where she offers Desktop themes from the darkest musicians like NIN or Skinny Puppy. Some of the Rarest desktop themes can be found here, along with some rare MIDI's that you may be looking for to complete the sounds of your page. And for those who are really inquisitive she does have an INFO page with a PIC..god don't we all hate that saying "Do you have a pic?"

Well I know that you all have been waiting so here it is finally.....

Anne Rice Links

Commotion Strange - This is the most important link of all here! This is Anne Rice's newsletter to keep all her fans up to the minute in the world of darkness. Thanks Anne Rice for thinking of your Hungry Starved Crazed fans!

Offical Anne Rice Home Page - It has everything that an Anne Rice fan wants, Pictures of her home and New Orleans. Also the latest scoop plus a catalog. At this site you can also be put on her mailing list. A bookmark if your an Anne Rice fan!

Lair of the Vampire - STARTLING and CHILLING sound bytes, Gallery of images from Interview with a Vampire and a Anne Rice tribute!


Dracula's Daughter -This site offers the latest up to date news,infomation about the author and also a list of books written by or about Anne Rice herself. It has a trivia section, links and of course a section devoted to THE NECESSITIES!

Anne Rice's New Orleans -Here at the CNN site they had the RARE opportunity of actually visting ANNE RICE"S PRIVATE HOME. Find and explore the home of where the characters of her novel "The Witching Hour" lived. See inside the Witches home and feel what it was like to live on an old plantation. The most exciting part is visit the newest home in all her novels called "Little White Cottage", This home is from her newest book "VIOLIN". Through Anne Rice's eyes, the city takes on magical properties. Come and see for yourself the MAGIC.

For something NEW and DIFFERENT about Anne Rice and her novels then take a look at the following links

Anne Rice=Horror Lite - For a different view to Anne Rice take a look at this page and see someone's opinion who DOESN"T LIKE Anne Rice has to say. She includes reasons why and gives examples to support her decision. So if your a FAN or NOT a supporter of Anne Rice this is still worth looking at to see what someone else has to say about her novels.

First off let me start by saying that I never join rings I think that putting up a graphic to a ring takes away from your page but the ones I found works so well that I truly think is worth being on my site and that is the ones that follow down below!

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Well as most of you know Anne Rice has written several books even some under pen names. But let's start with the

The Vampire Chronicles:

Interview With The Vampire(1976)-The story of Louis De Pointe Du Lac a 200 year old vampire as told to a young reporter in a room in San Francisco. Anne's most famous character, Lestat first appears in this novel, however, he didn't tell this story. The 1994 Geffen Pictures Motion Picture Interview With the Vampire based on this novel stars Brad Pitt as Louis and Tom Cruise as Lestat.

The Vampire Lestat(1985)-The first story of the Chronicles as told by Lestat himself. How he become into being, his family, the start of the vampires is also revealed here. A very dark novel which covers the late 1700's in France to the 1980's in New Orleans.

Queen Of The Damned(1988)-A sold continuation of the story in The Vampire Lestat as told my Lestat. The secrets of the original vampires revealed in tales of ancient Rome and Egypt.

Tale Of The Body Theif(1992)-A throughly entertaining novel set almost totally in the modern era involving body switching and the occult.

Memnoch The Devil(1995)-Controversal novel among Ricean fans. Lestat, God and the Devil, perhaps an attempt at Dante's Inferno for the modern reader. Not really a vampire book but still enjoyable. At one time it was going to be the final Vampire Chronicle but Anne Rice has left the door wide open for another. Lestat will return!


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