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Pat Kellogg, 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
E-mail addresses:

Yogi and Me

Angela and Me

I have several parakeets (budgies)
and cockatiels.
I breed cockatiels. 

This is my hobby as is working with polymer clay and making jewelry.
I am also available for word processing

see Pat's Typing Service


Cockatiels for Sale
at Pat's Pet Parlor

There are several young handfed cockatiels available now, so
contact me if you
are interested

Georgie and Simone



Some Pictures
of My Bird Family

Baby tiels 

Baby Tiels in
Feeding Basket


Bird Pictures


Budgie babies and Tiel baby July 2002

Budgie babies Fall 2000

Budgie, Foster the depth of the cobalt blue doesn't show up well enough in this picture

Little Honey Budgie with damaged beak


Baby Tiels Apr 2002

Spring 2002 babies 5/28/01

Baby Tiels July 2002


 Some family pictures

Childhood Pics

In Memory 

Here are links to pages

in memory of Budso,
Yogi's mate who died March 5, 1996

in memory of Dakota,
Mommy Birdy's budgie who died in May 1997.

in memory of Tiny,
a wee little budgie who died November 19, 2000.

in memory of Yogi,
A pearl pied hen who died April 1, 2003,

after a long illness, and is missed very much.

In memory of Rene (d 2/12/03),
A pearl hen who died February 12, 2003,

missed by Spottie, Charlie and her mate Buddy.

in memory of my mother

Elizabeth Smith, who died November 1, 1994
I miss you Mom

in memory of my father

Milo Owen Kellogg
who died in February, 1988|


Budgie-List Chat 

Come to Budgie list chat.

Budgie list chat meets weekly on
Fridays from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. CST (or longer)
You can either use a program like mIRC
using Phantom.MO.US.ShadowWorld.Net
as the server,

or click on the following link
and it will take you to the #budgie-chat
using your web browser.

If you have difficulty connecting
using that link, try

You will have to enter your nickname
and then choose #budgie-chat on the pull-down
list where it says Channel.
To find out the time in your own geographic
location, go to one of the following sites:



I also spend time reading
mail on bird mailing lists

The following is how to subscribe to the Budgie list for budgie (parakeet) owners

Click to subscribe to BudgieList



Other Bird Related Links (still under construction):

Budgies List Home Page

Pets Grief Support

Sonny Days Bird Toys

Cockatiel Chat Club

Tiel Talk

Quaker Talk

The Aviary

Birdy Rainbow Bridge

Darlene's Spot on the Web

Tiel Chat

Birds n Ways

Bird Shows, fairs

Budgie Taming Tips

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