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Story Outline

Meet Charlie Bucket, our hero. He's a poor boy from a poor extended family where everyone lives in a small house with only one room. For the most part, Charlie and his mother are the only people earning money for the family. Charlie has a paper route, and his mom works in a laundery matt. We get a feeling early on in the film that of all his bed stricken family, Charlie likes his Grandpa Joe the best.

Charlie does his best to keep his family comfortable. He puts every cent he earns into food for his realitives. Although, like many childeren his age, he would like to spend his money on things like candy and other treats. Charlie dreams for better things for his family, and when the mysterious Wonka Chocolate Factory starts a contest where the grand prize winner gets a lifetime supply of chocolate, Charlie sees his chance to break his family out of poverty.

Here's how the contest works. There are five golden tickets hidden in bars of Wonka Chocolate. These chocolate bars are shipped all around the world. Whomever finds the golden ticket is entitled to a tour of the factory that no one has ever seen it inside of. And, as if that were not enough, they get that lifetime supply of chocolate. Each prize winner is allowd to bring a guest to the factory as well.

The Wonka contest has turned the world upsidedown. Candy stores are turned into war zones. Shop keepers cannot keep the candy on the shelves. People are crazed to try to find the golden tickets.

It does not take long for the first Golden Ticket to turn up. A boy named Augustus Gloop is the lucky finder. Augustus is a big boy. When he is asked how he feels about finding the ticket he replies, "I feel sorry for Wonka. Its going to cost him a foutune in fudge." As Augustus' mother is being interviewed by news crews we see a man whisper into Augustus' ear. We can't make out what is being said, but Augustus stops eating to listen.

For Charlie's birthday the whole family makes him a scarf, and his Grandfathers pitch in to get him a Wonka bar. Charlie eagerly opens the wraping to find only chocolate.

We are then introduced to Veruca Salt. A very demanding daughter of a sucsesful business man. Mr. Salt has stopped the regular work at his factory so he could have his workers open case after case of Wonka bars. Veruca is not pleased that she hasn't been given the Golden Ticket that her father promiced her. Finally one of the workers finds Golden Ticket number two and is escorted through the factory to put the Golden Ticket in the waiting hands of the impatient little Veruca. Again, we see this mysterious man whispering into Veruca's ear after she grabs the Golden Ticket. Veruca also seem genuinely interested in whatever the man is saying.

More scenes of mob attacks on anyone selling Wonka bars. All over the world stores are sold out. Shipments are now being moved in armored cars with armed guards. People are going to extreme lengths to get the Golden Tickets. Newly developed computers have even been used to try to locate the Golden Tickets.

Ticket number three is soon discovered in the USA. Violet Beaureguard, the daughter of a used car salesman, and avid gum chewer heard about the contest and decided that her gum chewing could wait. Now that she has the Golden Ticket, she is back on her gum. Again we see this mysterious man whispering into the ear of the Golden Ticket finder. Violet listens closely while still chewing her precious gum.

Charlie still hasn't found his Golden Ticket yet. He is starting to get pretty down on himself. His mom tries to "Cheer Up Charlie" but when a small boy thinks that his hopes and dreams are out of reach there isn't much she can do.

Golden Ticket number four is discovered by Mike Teevee. The news interviewers can't get his attention away from the television set. His mother explains that that's all he does is watch television. Westerns are what he is interested in mostly. The mysterious man is here too. His whispering is interesting enough to Mike that he turns his gaze away from the television. We still can't hear what he is saying.

Again we see more examples of how desperate people are when it comes to finding the last remaining Golden Ticket. But we soon find out that a man in Paraguay has found the last Golden Ticket, the contest is over and Charlie is devestated.

The next day on his way home from school Charlie finds some money in the street. He decides to reward himself by feeding his sweet tooth. He buys the biggest bar of chocolate he can find, and eats it right away. As he is leaving, he decides to get Grandpa Joe a Wonks bar with the rest of the money. As he gets to his paper stand to get the papers for his delivery route he finds that is is surrounded by a swarm of people all very eager to get a paper. Charlie overhears people talking. As it turns out, the Golden Ticket found in Paraguay was a fake and that there was in fact one more Golden Ticket out there somewhere. Charlie walks away from the crowd and gets out the Wonka bar that he bought for Grandpa Joe. He slowly opens it and to his shock as well as the people around him, he has found the fifth Golden Ticket! Charlie runs straight home, but on his way there, the mysterious man who was around all the other Golden Ticket winners stops him. He introduces himself as Mr. Slugworth, President of Slugworth Chocolates. He offers Charlie a great sum of money if Charlie would just bring him a new invention from the Wonka Factory, an "Everlasting Gobstopper". Charlie runs home even faster, and bursts through the door shouting that he has the fifth Golden Ticket. The family didn't know about the fake Golden Ticket in Paraguay so they didn't believe Charlie at first. They change their minds as Grandpa Joe reads the Golden Ticket. Charlie desperately wants Grandpa Joe to go the Factory with him. Grandpa Joe slowly gets out of bed and discovers that he can still walk. They dance around the small house and celebrate their good fortune and prepare for the factory tour the next day.

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Character Information

The Cast Of Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

As Credited At The End Of The Film

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Willy Wonka - Gene Wilder
Grandpa Joe - Jack Albertson
Charlie Bucket - Peter Ostrum
Mr. Salt - Roy Kinnear
Veruca Salt - Julie Dawn Cole
Mr. Beauregarde - Leonard Stone
Violet Beauregarde - Denise Nickerson
Mrs. Teevee - Dodo Denny
Mike Teevee - Paris Themmen
Mrs. Gloop - Ursula Reit
Augustus Gloop - Michael Bollner
Mrs. Bucket - Diana Sowle
Bill - Aubrey Woods
Mr. Turkentine - David Battley
Mr. Slugworth - Guenther Meisner
The Tinker - Peter Capell
Mr. Jopeck - Werner Heyking
Winkelmann - Peter Stuart
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Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka, according to Grandpa Joe is the best of all the candymen. He is a total recluse, working in complete isolation from the rest of the world in a factory where no one ever goes in and no one ever comes out. His secrecy started many years earlier when a rival candy company (Slugworth Chocolates) stole one of Wonka's secrets. Wonka went into hideing and nothing was heard of him for a long time. Then the factory started working again at top speed. Nobody knew how, but Wonka's candy was made even better than before.
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Grandpa Joe

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Charlie Bucket

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Mr. Salt

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Veruca Salt

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Mr. Beauregarde

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Violet Beauregarde

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Mrs. Teevee

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Mike Teevee

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Mrs. Gloop

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Augustus Gloop

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Mrs. Bucket

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Mr. Turkentine

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Mr. Slugworth

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The Tinker

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Mr. Jopeck

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