Yep! I've been playing around with images, too! I hope you like these, these are a just a few of the graphics that I've made for some of my "Cyber Friends" and myself.

Free Graphics to use on your pages

Feel free to use the images on this page. It would be nice if you would provide a link to my Homepage if you use my graphics, but it isn't required for the ones shown on this page. If you do use one of my images,
I'd like to know, so send me an E-mail and let me know where the URL is so I can come visit.
Just right click the image of yor choice and copy it to your server, Do Not link to this page.

Feel free to use the "Geocities Images" from my other pages, too.


Metalic Texture
Gold Style 5 Silver Style 5
Gold Style 6 Silver Style 6
Gold Style 7 Silver Style 7
Gold Hue Style 5 Silver Hue Style 5
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Gold Rotating Style 1 Gold Rotating Style 2
Blue Rotating Style 4 Gold Rotating Style 4
Silver Rotating Style 3 Brass Rotating Style 3
Bronze Rotating Style 3 Gold Rotating Style 3
Need it Bigger? Just ask.
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More to come.........................
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