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Statistics, Results from U. S. Census Bureau (March, 1996)
Between 1970 and 1996,
  • the number of divorced persons more than quadrupled
    (4.3 million in 1970 to 18.3 million in 1996).
  • the proportion of children under 18, living with one parent, grew from 12 percent in 1970 to 28 percent in 1996
  • the number of women living alone doubled
    (from 7.3 million to 14.6 million)
    while the number of men living alone tripled
    (from 3.5 million to 10.3 million)
  • the number of families maintained by single mom's rose from 5.6 million in 1970 to 12.2 million in 1995
  • the number of families maintained by single father's rose from 1.2 million in 1970 to 3.2 million in 1995
  • Child Support and Family Statistics, (Various Sources)
    Un-collected Child Support
  • from 1989 to 1995
    un-collected child support rose an estimated 112%,
    (16 billion to 34 billion dollars)
  • only 18 percent of non-custodial parents actually pay their child support
  • the national recovery rate for child support collections for government headed agencies is less than 17%
  • recovery rates for Private Companies is approximately 60%
  • Single Parent Families
  • Single father households have increased over 330% since 1970,
    15% of single parent households are headed by single fathers
  • the number of families maintained by single father's rose from 1.2 million in 1970 to 3.2 million in 1995
  • nearly 50% of the children in America are raised in single parent homes
  • 53% of divorce cases involve children
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