Special Thanks

This page is dedicated to those that helped me to make this page presentable.

Without their support and encouragement these pages would never have become a reality.
Only a few are mentioned here, because the list could become endless.
Thanks guys and gals.

"Lynda", Thanks for the advice, and bearing with me through the numerous questions. And for letting me know the things that looked good and bad. And giving me those tips along the way.

"Sunny-eyes", Thank you sweetie, for being so encouraging and patient with me while I made this dream a reality. And not letting me give up when things seemed hard to bear.

Dena, "Little_Babe", I appreciate your constructive advice, and being an inspiration while I made countless changes. You made the ordeal bearable.

Misti, my daughter, most of all, for letting her dad spend countless hours undisturbed and helping me with the household chores so I could share some of my poetry with others on the World Wide Web.

My readers, for those of you who read my work,
without you my endeavor would be worthless.

And a very special thanks goes to "Geocities", without whom there would be no page.

Those countless others, like: Lil' One, Kali-ma, and Iron Fist who helped me smooth out some of my rough edges and encouraged me to do my best. These are only a very few of those who offered suggestions, but to all of you, I thank you sincerely.

To Dick Oliver, I thank him for writing the book that taught me how to do most of what you see on my pages.
"Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours" 1997 by Sam's.net Publishing

Thanks to Deborah S, & Eric J. Ray, For writing:
"Mastering HTML 4.0" 1998 by SYBEX, Inc.

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