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The purpose of this survey is to collect information from you concerning general public opinion about child support enforcement. The results are tabulated and posted as often as possible. To minimize duplicate or invalid responses and help make the survey results accurate, I ask that you include the information requested. Only qualifying responses will be tabulated in the totals. Responses to the survey that do not meet the criteria, are treated as SPAMs and deleted, they are not added to the results.

This survey is divided into the following sections:

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  1. Do you presently receive or pay Child Support?
    Receive Pay Not Receiving (awarded) Applied For (pending) Never Applied

  2. Should Non-Custodial Parents pay Child Support even when they have no physical contact with the children? (Court Ordered Restrictions, Restricted or No Visitation, not imposed by custodial parent)

  3. Who should pay collection fees when outside resources are needed to enforce Child Support?

  4. When "Dead Beats" don't pay, Select from the options below: (All that apply)

    Jail Time
    Community Service (Road Crew, Public Service, etc.)
    Put pictures in local Papers and TV on "Dead Beats" Lists

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