"Witticisms" are witty expressions or phrases that we use from time to time to express ourselves. Here are a few of mine.

witticism n [ witty + cism (as in criticism) ] 1. archaic: a mean, sarcastic, or contemptible gibe: JEER
2: a witty saying, sentence, or phrase : a clever or amusing expression : a piece of wit

Rhetorically Speaking

I am about as well as can be expected
Due to the present extenuating circumstances
That are prevalent and exist
At this point in time.

1973, M. S. Madden

I wrote this as an English assignment in the 11th grade. I was my intention to answer completely and entirely the rhetorical question, "How are you?" By the way, I did get an "A" for my attempt. So I dedicate this witticism to Mrs. Tomasena Jones.

Life, As A General Rule

Life's a lot like Neopolitan Ice Cream
There's more than one flavor to please everybody
You just might not like what it's mixed with.

1986, M. S. Madden


Could have been
The brighter Tomorrow
You were searching for

1979 M. S. Madden


Without guidance and correction,
The ignorance of youth,
Often becomes the stupidity of adulthood.

1998 M. S. Madden

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