What I Know of Life


You are worth living for just as you are.
You can reach out and bless the world
and the world will enrich you in return.
Such risks are possible
because your worth is not in peril.

You are more important than the events of the day
whatever their outcome.
You are more valuable than anything you can win
and more enduring than anything you can lose.
You will survive and triumph when you discover
the inevitable opportunity that hides in defeat.

You will make choices.
Make decisions which increase life.
Drink deeply and fully at the well
and take joy in the thirst as well as the quenching.

Face the pains you feel
no matter what power they seem to possess.
You will hold more power.
Eagerly seek the joys you desire
no matter how grand they are.
You will be more grand.
Give respect, kindness, and compassion freely
no matter how much is required.
You will have more than enough.

You are more important than anything that can happen to you.
Therefore, no matter what your circumstance
Always treat yourself with dignity and kindness
and expect the same from your companions.

Believe in your ultimate triumph.
You are connected to powers beyond yourself
which strengthen you
and nurture your immortality.
Accept that sustenance;
it is your birthright.
You hold great treasure and promise yet to be unfolded.
Take joy in your discoveries.

-Ila Marie Goodey

Email me at igoodey@hotmail.com in the meantime.

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