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Nefarious News I
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Nefarious News

This page will concentrate on the ongoing stupidities of the subhuman herds & flocks. I will bring you current & memorable past occurrances of the blindlighters' comical & disgusting antics.


A woman & her beautician were accused & convicted of the murder of a five-year old girl. Their "motive" was that they were attempting to "help" another woman, by "beating the devil" out of her little daughter. It was assumed that the girl was "demon-possessed", so-called by the stuporstitious adolts. She was thought to be so, because of her strong will, her normal pre-pubescent tantrums, & the fact that she was very athletic, which meant that she had natural heightened strength, which the morons misconstrued as "supernatural". They initially got it in their heads that the girl was "possessed" because she did cartwheels. The women claimed they under the influence of "God". The girl bled to death internally.
The mother was found guilty of 2nd-degree murder. The subhuman bitch who murdered the girl with a paddle, was found guilty of 1st-degree murder.


The first Zionist Church in L.A. has been torched! Pictures of the charred remains shows the blackening of that ugly house of abstinance. Weeping perishoners wail at their losses, & have instead held their services on the roof of that place. Would'nt it be funny if the roof caved in while they were praying!
One of the congregants demonstrated her hypocritical vicarious vengence by stating that "whoever it was, will one day have to stand in 'judgement' before 'the lord'", with that retributional gleam that betrays that whole miserable foolosophy. The last traces of her animal nature showing forth, before being completely washed away into a xian zombie.
And this happened in the wake of DEICIDE coming to town. I wonder if there's a connection? THAT would be an incredible trademerk. That every time a Satanic band is scheduled to play, a church goes up in flames!
Speaking of which, if you devil-worshippers are responsible for this, by all means leave a pentagram drawn somewhere on the property, to cast an intense Shadowmantic fear upon the populace. This extra effort will be recognized for sure, & it will get on the news, as being an arson in the name of "the devil." This is great publicity, & an active proclamation of war.
Even though The Church Of Satan would never be responsible for such a thing, since our literature denounces such activities as being juvenile. But Hell, a church went up in smoke& the more the better, as far as I'm concerned. This also will lead the media to focus more on Satanism, & invite representatives of The Church Of Satan on talk shows, to explain what TRUE SATANISM is all about. And church-burnings, done by non-members, usually metalheads, will ultimately benefit COS, as it will motivate the media to glean more attention to Us. All is fair, in love & hate! The 80's hysteria was fun for Me. It was great recoring all those shows, such as Geraldo's "Exposing Satan's Underground", the myriads of others, where true Satanists were invited on, to terrify the world with undefiled wisdom. 'Ol broken nose had no idea what he would be contributing to the cause of Satanism.
Let the fires burn hot & high! That they may be a beacon in the night! And that all who see them may be filled with dread. A victory flame proclaiming "God is dead!" HAIL SATAN! Amen.


Pretty little Carlie Chapman was suspended from her high school for wearing black lipstick in class, because, the Principal said, it is a "distraction". Although there have been no known interviews with other students inquiring as to their opinions. Probably because the staff knows very well that the student body doesn't even mind at all. In fact, it may even inspire others to liberate their own artistic expressions. So it's the staff's problem, NOT the students; without which this issue would be non-existent, & indeed, so would the school, & therefore, the faculty, who are projecting their own views on how students should look. In Carlie's case, & other goths, the aesthetics are quite attractive, actually, not merely bland or boring like the conformist drones of the herd majority.
This event occurred about a year ago. Now, the very same mother who stood by her daughter through a month of suspension, & national coverage, has now been arrested for shooting a gun at her & her father.
Now, people would rush to judgement that the whole family was twisted anyway, because of the initial make-up issue. They would be prompted to assume that because Carlie chooses to wear that particular color of lipstick, that she is somehow "sick" or "disturbed". Wearing black is merely a matter of personal aesthetic, not necessarily an expression of emotional reflection. To erroneously assume that just because a person dons a shade, or a style of clothing that is different from others, is the worst in negetive discrimination & shallowness. In fact, the one-dimensional compulsion to judge someone who expresses their own true individuality by whatever means, denotes a pshychological imbalance itself. It would be in the best interest to examine themselves, to attempt to decipher the reasons for the aesthetic bigotry.
Carlie, & other persons who dare to dress uniquely, should be commended in their fortitude & pride, to go against the stale & stagnant stasis-quo, discarding others' feeble "criticisms" as the passive-aggressiveness it is, & the attempted ego-boosts to weak personalities.
So, keep up the fight, Carlie! Exceptional individuals are rooting for you!


The whole Salman family was wiped out when the father, distraught because of the loss of his job, took a shotgun to his wife & three children. Mrs. Salman was found inside the house with the youngest child, & the other two were found outside the home, stren about the lawn & back yard. Then he shot himself.
The nefarious part of the story is, that 20 years earlier, a man had killed himself & his wife, IN THE SAME HOUSE. Can you say, "Amityville?"


The local government had been attempting to ban Maralyn Manson from playing at Ozzfest '97, at The Meadowland, last Walpurgisnacht season. Ozzy Osbourne has vowed to fight such discrimination, the breach of Freedon of Speech, & expression rights. BRAVO! Ozzy is rumoured to reunite the original members of BLACK SABBATH this time around.
Howard Stern has stated that if they are banned, Maralyn Manson can perform on his show. Bravo again!


The decision to ban Marilyn Manson from performing has been overturned, because the local government realized that they would probably lose the lawsuit Ozzy threatened to file. I think someone's been in the Ritual Chambre.........

A senator Lieberman, an expression compressor, flapped his lips to the media about censoring Marilyn Manson, stating that MM's music promotes sadism & bestiality. He also mentioned MM's involvement in COS, calling it an "outfit", disrespectfully. Marilyn Manson is a Priest in COS, proudly so, & he's never been the least bit apoligetic about it, for it is unthinkable-----there's simply no reason to be, & every reason TO BE what he is-----his own primary being, simply because it comes naturally.
In last December's issue of Meanstreet, Manson addresses the censorship dilemma thusly: "I get a lot of resistance from a lot of different directions. There's a lot of people confused about what I do, & that causes them to react in different ways. For example, a song like 'Irresponsible Hate Anthem'. The title is what I expect people to say about the song when they hear it. A knee-jerk reaction. They're gonna' hear the lyrics & they're gonna' say, 'Well, this is very irresponsible, & it's all about hatred'. It's not what the song's about, but that's an example of how people always react to Marilyn Manson. A lot of times, I'm making fun of people's reaction before they even hear it. And they're reacting to their own reaction...and that's just in general! Even the name, Marilyn Manson, really falls into that equation, but it's part of a necessary evil in America. Not only the people who understand what I'm saying, but the people who don't, need to be afraid, because they deserve to be. If they're not smart enough to understand it, then it SHOULD scare them."
Lieberman should be ashamed of himself, nationally demonstrating what an incredible MORON he is, & how his "life" LACKS life. At least his stupendous mistake will ultimately benefit Maralyn Manson, bringing wider attention to the Priest's music, which, will undoubtably help some confused little Satanists out there to realize that they are one, & then pick up a copy of THE SATANIC BIBLE to go with their new Antichrist Superstar CD, & then go on to lead creative, productive, contributory lives filed with joy & indulgence, devoid of guilt & twisted repression, proffered by Tipper Gore, & the like.


A Space Funeral is sheduled to take place that will cast the ashes of several cremated people upon the earth's atmosphere. The ashes will be encased in lipstick=sized silver capsules that will be released in orbit around the earth for several months, until entering the stratosphere. Reported amongt these necronauts is a general, hippie-king Timothy Leary, & Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.
As each enter the atmosphere, they will disintigrate, & the effect will be that of a shooting star, or "a really cool acid streak", depending upon who you are.


Vampiress Anne Rice is currently in a tiff with vampire enthusiast "Chaz", who leads a "vampire tour" in New Orleans. It seems that he has purhased some historic property that Ms. Rice has made part of her world of Gothic Stories. The site has since been transformed in "California Cajun Cuisine", called "Straya". Ms. Rice has even placed an ad-sized statement in the local paper, calling the development "humiliating" & corruptive. It truly is a shame that a once beautiful landmark has been made into a fastfood type joint. Where was the Historic Preservation Socity? "Chaz" has stated that he will also submit a statement in the paper.
Ms. Rice, who has become a one-woman preservation society herself, has been purchasing some old-world aesthetic masterpieces of architecture for the last few years. Late last year, she purchased a church, to the prejudiced shegrin of the congregants, & plans to convert it into an elegant hotel.
I extend kudos unto Ms. Rice, & lift up a goblet of fresh warm blood, in honor of her noble deeds.
In her book, "The Vampire Lestat", Lestat is said to have taken up residence within the afore-mentioned property, which triples, & even quadruples its unique significance.


A naked 23-year old girl was found in a church, jumping around amongst the pews, & throwing bibles. The Police were called for suspicion of tresspass.


Charles Manson denied parole for the 9th time. He said that he didn't need to be paroled anyway, because of his myriad projects in prison, such as his newest acquisition, a Manson Website. Next opportunity for parole is in five years.


39 DEAD in a U.F.O./blindlight cult. Their justifications for their suicides coincided with the appearance of the Hale-Bot comet that was visible in the North=Western sky.
They surmised that a UFO of some sort accompanied the comet, & that they were going to meet it.
Obviously, this is no better than xians believing that an unidentified flying object, identified to them as "jesus", will return one day.
As to the massacre, GOOD RIDDANCE! Too bad there weren't more. But there WILL be.........


A french-roll which happened to resemble the dried-apple face of "mother" Teresa is being kept in a glass case, after being schlacked, & is now on display for the idiotic to gawk at as a "miracle". I wonder it it smells like feet? How many holy icons have you digested lately?
The despirate & pathetic continue to search for stains & reflections that vaguely resemble anything saintly or divine. These are the kinds of morons the blindlight feign has in its folds. A drunk once urinated on a wall, & the result was a stain resembling the pseudo-virgin, the xian god's whore. So what? What a bunch of LOSERS. Get a life!


Seven people were struck by lightning as they emerged from taking a dip in the ocean. Lifeguards warned all swimmers about impending thunderstorms, but these swimmers decided to stay just a little longer. One man's pacemaker was temporarily effected by the jolt.


In a recent article of the absurd Weekly World News, it stated that some "scientists" actually found an entryway to Hell in a cavern. There allegedly is a winding staircase leading down to the infernal regions. Obviously, it's a blatant put-on to sell copies. But not to a few erstwhile "investigators", spilunkers, "exorcists", & ex-Deltaforce members.
They planned an "assault" on the underworld.
Locals are annoyed at the attention their little community has been receiving, so they have told the press to notify the public that there is no such place there. Some people are so despirate to fond some sort of drama in their unproductive existences, & to prove their xian-crutch is valid, that they go to such ridiculous lengths. Such pathetic idiots should be shot. That's not where it's located anyway.........


Fourteen members of a church group saught refuge from a storm under A TREE, & inevitably, were struck by lightning. Could it be that GAWD was trying to tell them something? Or realistically, was it because of their OWN STUPIDITY! I opt for the latter.


There were three arrests made in an exorcism ritual, where a visitor from Korea {Kyung Chung} was murdered. It seems that, in an attempt to rid her of "demons" Jay Ching, the woman's husband, along with Soo Choi & Jin Choi, the alleged "exorcists" became over-zealous, beating & whipping the victim to death. Yet another account of blindlight stupidity in all its radiant glory.........or perhaps it really wasn't an exorcism rite at all, but a rather crafty plan for the husband to be rid of his wife.........


The two defendants {Soo Choi & Jin Choi}, who led in the Korean rite of "exorcism" called "Ansu-Kido" were arraigned today, & found guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter for the murder of the "possessed" victim, where most of her internal organs were crushed.
The defendants & the prosecution were happy with the decision. The Judge stated that he believed the men were "genuine" in their intentions.
California Law states, that there is no religious defense against murder in the name of religion.


Some imbeciles have gone out to see a distortion in the metal of a highway sign, caused by oils in the material to form the sign. These morons choose to see the "figure" of the false-virgin mary. All the pathetic halfwits stand vigil, placing candles & flowers at its base, hoping stupidly for "something" to happen. These empty, despirate idiots will go anywhere to see what they want to see, in order to sustain & validate their retarded existence, & justify their dillusional blind faith. Again, GET A LIFE! Or remove yourself unto your supposed "afterlife".


The Reverand Billy Graham keeled over after a near-fatal heart attack. He fell over on his head, giving him quite a lump. So, nothing important was harmed.


Two female teens {Amber Hernandez & Alicia Hayes} commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. Questions were asked about their alleged involvement in a "satanic cult", although the setup left by the two looked decidedly weakan. I questions whether or not they felt they were "oppressed lesbians."
The media used a lopsided Baphomet next to a spray-painted "666" on the news monicker.


The owner of "Cowboy Burger" has threatened to take the owners of a to-be-built crematorium to court, if they build on a lonely hillside property, near the fastfood dive. There are presently nine crematoriums in California, but more will need to be built as the population increases. They have to be constructed SOMEWHERE, & why inconvenience prospective customers by having it way out in the country somewhere?
The Crematorians have stated that it would not disturb other businesses, which is admittedly debatable, as far as the smell is concerned. For it would most likely mingle in with the food aromas, although they claim it would not. The owner of the burger joint is worried that it would KILL business. Much like how a butcher kills the meat for the burgers? Isn't there already the scent of burning flesh in the area? The Crematorians may have a point there. Who would be able to tell the difference between the two?
Perhaps they could compromise, & serve a much rarer delicacy, than the all-too common "Nellie the cow...?"
Can you imagine, in a ghoulish cannibal society, a screen could show the picture of the person being eaten on their bodyburgers. " are now dining on Mrs. so & so, who was a preacher's wife..." Then it would list their favorate foods, likes & dislikes, etc. Maybe they could change the name of the place to "Cannibal Boy", or "Meatboy".
Are people so weak, so cowardly, that they would not eat at that burgerhole with the simple knowledge of there being a crematorium nearby? Of course they are. They may have not suspected a thing had the Cowboy Burger owner not brought so much attention to it.


A man entered a convent, & shot two nuns. According to mental health officials, the man has had a history of mental problems. He knew his victims, & received compassionate council from them on a fairly routine basis.
He is a classic example of love wasted on ingrates; shooting the ones who attempted to help him.

Two youths snuck into a cemetary under cover of darkness, & proceeded to violate the graves of the dead.
"Bones were stolen from two coffins, apparently for use in 'satanic rituals'" said an investigator. Upon a search of one of the suspect's rooms, a home-made banner bearing a pentagram was found, which led them to believe that he is a Satanist. Also uncovered was "a book relating to the occult".
When asked about his religious convictions, the suspect stated that "bones from graveyards are worth a lot of cash in the underworld market."
"Authorities" in small towns have always gone to great starins to associate pseudo-practioners of weaka, or Carribean & African-related religions with Satanism. The report neglected to mention whether the pentagram was upright or inverted. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.


a vALUJET out of Florida plunged into the deadly Everglades, which was infested with alligators, & other reptilian tenents. 109 humans perished in the crash, & who's to tel how many were eaten alive, after the splashdown. No one particularly remarkable died. Just a football player, a rectified mother-daughter relationship, & the most mentionable, a missionary. Where is "God?"
Father Nature Satan is ridding the Black Earth from the excess of expendible populace. Into the ions of air, maneuvering planes on gusts of electrical malfunctioning, demonic winds carefully gliding the craft towards the animals, & then the humans are consumed by hungry jaws & jagged claws, thereby, fertilizing the environment, & providing a meal for the submarine reptiles, who do more good for the planet than most humanoids do, anyway.
In one brief scene of news-footage, one of the gators surfaced, & with a ghoulish gleam in its eye, chomps down upon a human bodypart, as it drifts by, then submerges into the murky depths.


A Reverand Flippo apparently went "flippo" when he killed his wife with a block of firewood, claimed that "a burley man" broke into their home, bound & gagged he & his wife, then knocked him unconcious. He claims to have awakened later briefly, witnessed the man severing his wife's legs, then he passed out again.
Flippo, a Reverans for The Church Of God, was held with a bail of $200.000. He had also held the funeral for his own victim, then buried the remains upon church cemetary grounds. Flippo contunued to preach for a whole month after he murdered his wife, until he was finally brought to the station for questioning, as a prime suspect.
Police state that his wounds are self-inflicted, & the motive was he allegedly, that he wanted to be free to date other women. an unsatisfactory "lovelife". The only thing this xian scum was not hypocritical in, is living up to his name!


Neuro-scientists have discovered a way to light a lightbulb with the mind. It is done by attaching electrodes to the cranium, which then picks up the neuro-electrical pulsations, & magnifies it, to adequatly match the power/energy needed to light the bulb. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless!
The magnification can be amplified to power computers, automobiles, all sorts of appliances, & even weaponry!
One day, brainwaves will be encoded to not only power, bu operate the appliances & weaponry. First, the transmissions will be sent by attached electrode-caps, connected to wires & machines. Then eventually, by remote. Like telephone technology, the wishes of the Technowizards will be transmitted great distances. Psychowars can be waged, or surgical operations performed on a patient, through an android, from hundreds of thousands of miles away. Not to mention the erotic possibilities! Androids would be perfect sex partners, exactly to one's specifications.
One day, Men will become cyborgs, not only for decadent conveniences, but for POWER. Putting on the electrode cap already merges man & infernal machine. For higher performance, & more intricate procedures, by connecting directly with the brain.
Law enforcement, the military, & ruthless individuals shall utilize remote psychic transmissions to mame, kill, subdue, enforce justice, attain vengence, or enslave.
Transmitters will be implanted into criminals, who, upon committing a crime, may be rendered paralized by law enforcement. Plus, they may be tracked by sattelite, & even takes a picture of in the process of a crime. Thus, hostage situations would cease to exist, with known offenders. Graffitti vandals may be treated in likewise manner.
The black market would inevitably produce illegally-obtained remote psychic devices to utilize implanted people as drones, to commit crimes, thereby, kingpins may assure impunity.
Repeat illegal border encroachers will be identified & tagged, in effect, by being implanted. If they come within a certain proximety of the border, officials will be immediately alerted, & the offenders apprehended. People who have petitioned for legal residency shall take precedence over the criminal interlopers infesting the country.
The possibilities are endless. Life will dramatically change with the development of this technology.


A weakan was tried & convicted of having sex with a fourteen year-old student, who claimed that the woman, who drove the schoolbus, of writing him "love letters" in blood. On a few occasions, she shared her blood with him. Her fellow weakans have stated that they will organize a fund to pay off her legal fees that will be held at her Halloween celebration.


White Eskimo dogs in the San Fernando Valley have been turning up disembowelled in peoples' back yards. The media have labelled it "satanic sacrifices." The Police admit they are baffled, as to suspects or motives.
Has anybody considered this to be the work of black-market criminals going about to gather entrails for botanicas & oriental herbalists?
The media knows the attraction of occult-related subject matter, calling it "good copy." They relate almost anything as "satanic", & the rest is labelled "alien encounters", such as the cattle mutilations, which, before the alien trend, were considered "satanic."

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