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This is my home page..The LONG and PAINFUL process is over...I know it and so do a few friends...

Anyone who knows me, would know I'm techno ignorant.

Oh sure, I can turn this puter ON, but you all know I have a hard time locating the OFF switch.

So here's some background information, I can't open too many closets mind ya. There's NO telling what's in there...

  • I was born in California, in the 60's.
  • I moved to Georgia in the 70's
  • I moved to Indiana in the 80's, where I still call home.

Indiana is famous for a couple things. Although the Indy500 is the most talked about. See some of Indiana on my links page.

I have 2 children. This is an old pic, back before they realized they didn't like each other...LOL
Now however, my daughter is 21 and thinks I'm the stupidest person around and thinks I just "Don't get it"..well I've seen her clothes, and listened to her music (unwillingly of course) and I got news for her...I don't want it!! My son is 17 now...and he thinks I'm great..NOT!

OMG..They held still

OMG..They held still again


Ok here's the fun part...My pics...Me when I was 2 and had no inhibitions.

Ok after the 60's were over my parents decided clothes were a good idea...

Now a couple more recent pics of me..



And that's enough of that... LOL

No pics of the following, but dear to me none the less..

Dave C, Joe B, Harold Mc, Mike S, Josh D, and my best friend Allen F..thanks for always being there!

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