love /lav/, n. passionate affection

 seat /sit/, n. place to sit


"...And she will always carry on,
something is lost, something is found,
and we will keep on speaking her name,
some things change, some stay the same..."


Words from my love

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Another pic of me that you won't see with your graphics turned off :-)QName: Morgan

QAge: 30 *gasp*

QSex: yes please

QStats: IQ 165 - everything else is irrelevant. 

QFavourite Cocktail: Margarita.

QWhere did the name Loveseat come from: It was a gift from a friend online - the first time we went into Yahoo together he said to call myself "Lovesit" (by which he meant Love's it). I thought he meant Love sit - which was taken, so I chose the next alternative, Loveseat!! He still laughs at me to this day! Thanks Craig!

QWhat am I most looking forward to about old age: Grandchildren and being able to fart in public and get away with it because I am old.

QIf I could give one piece of advice what would it be: Never ride on the dodgem cars without wearing underwear - trust me on this!

QWhat would I wish would I make for myself: A little boy.

QSong most likely to cause me to commit suicide: Anything by Michael Bolton, more particularly, "I said I loved you but I lied".

QMost prized possession: A chocolate box that was given to me by a boyfriend in highschool, it is what I keep all my original poems in.

Q What do I look for in a man: Honesty, a great sense of humour and an ability to worship me beyond all reason :-)

Q What do I like most about myself: My ability to laugh at myself, even when it seems the whole world is falling down around my ears, I can still laugh.

Q Favourite Movie: Immortal Beloved.

Q What one event in my life changed me most: Having children. I think it is only when we have children that we truly start to learn more about ourselves - they are our greatest teachers.

Q What do I want most out of life: To look back and say "I did that". It doesn't matter what it is that I do, as long as I do it well.


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Well I don't know if you've noticed
but I don't live in this world on my own
I carry in me a small child
and she's frightened of being alone.

And she doesn't know how to trust you
she's scared to take hold of your hand
and she doesn't know what faith is
she tries but she can't understand.

She tells me to run when she's frightened
and she fights to keep me alive
she doesn't know how to love yet
all she knows is how to survive.

And she doesn't know how to trust you,
she scared to take hold of your hand,
but she knows that we both need someone,
oh I hope that you can understand.

So be gentle with her when she's angry
wipe away the tears that she cries
'cause she doesn't know about life yet
all she knows is the hurt and the lies.

Because she wants so badly to trust you
to hold on tight to your hand,
she wants to believe that you love me,
please help her to understand.

Please help her to understand.

Morgan Faie.


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