Second Renaissance: Paris

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Tammi Tail

Tammi Tail's Homepage

The Lost Civilization: The Beginning

copyright, TTail 1997

Media: Digital Art

This picture is part of a series that I toyed with, but didn't do anything with until I got more comfortable with Bryce2. I've seen several programs on the Lost City of Atlantis and many speculations of where the Lost City went, and if anything survived from this great civilization. Some believe that the Egyptians sprang from Atlantis. I don't know what I believe exactly, but Atlantis has always been a source of intrigue for me, as are the unlocked secrets of the ocean.


Pattie Schey

Pattie Schey's Homepage

Unconditional Love

copyright Pattie Schey

Media: Print

I created this print for the Colorado Collie rescue. I wanted to convey the trust and loyalty our pets give to us. This illustration could apply to any rescue group since there are so many animals in need of good homes. I am a freelance illustrator-artist in Southeastern Wisconsin with a BA in graphic design-illustration. I am what you would call a "late bloomer" as an artist but have found that my alternative career has evolved into something I want to spend the rest of my life doing. My main focus is animals but I am not limited to this. My background contains extensive computer experience in the technical field and I am currently teaching myself HTML along with experimenting with various web development programs. This has begun to develop into a viable business that not only includes commisioned drawings and illustrations but some web graphics and site development.



Rhapsodynblue Galleries Homepage

Creole Orchid

copyright, Rhapsodynblue Galleries

Media: Digital Art

Rhapsodynblue is a writer, photographer, digital graphic artist and formerly a journalist for a top national newspaper. Her passion for self-expression through original art began six years ago when she put some Pink Floyd, turned on her Macintosh and graphic arts software and challenged them to keep up with her imagination. Since then, she has been commissioned to create several peices of original art and continues to create art for the mere pleasure of the experience. Her newest venture is the creation of CD art design. With her partner in KixStart Connectivity, she also designs commercial websites for fast-growing, start-up enterprises. The Rhapsodnyblue Galleries express various themes from myth to music. Creole Orchid is an image from her DanceGalleries, one of several galleries of original, digital art featured in Rhapsodynblue Galleries The Rhapsodynblue Galleries have been a featured site of The Artist of the Web Ring.



Yoju's Homepage

Four Faces

copyright, Yoju

Media: Mixed media on Rice Paper - 11.5" x 17"

Yoju utilizes a unique blend of Oriental and Western style with eclectic combinations of China ink, gouache, suminagashi, pastel, pencil, crayon, and collage to create art in bold, striking colors and whimsical form that are a delight to view and an accent to any decor. Subject matter includes landscapes, abstractions, still lifes, celestial objects, Buddhist images, human and animal form.

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, and raised in Tokyo, Yoju first expressed an interest in art at the age of 4. She began formal study at the age of 8 at the Maejima Academy of Art, Tokyo where she continued for 25 years. Additional studies in Calligraphy with the well known instructor, Fujo Minami, Tokyo, were conducted throughout her primary and high school years. After high school followed three years of intensive study at the Kuwasawa and Ootsuka Academy of Design, Tokyo, and an additional 4 years of study at the Pacific Ocean Academy of Art, Tokyo. During the first 25 years of her career, Yoju concentrated on oil painting as her principle medium. In 1980 she made a significant shift from oil to her current medium which includes gouache, water soluble pencil and crayon, pastel, China ink, suminagashi (water prints), and collage. During the latter part of her oil painting period and early part of her current period her work has been exhibited at numerous galleries as well as in group and solo exhibitions in Japan. At the present time, Yoju's art studio is located in Saratoga, CA. She is represented by the AEGis Gallery of Fine Art in Saratoga; Gallery 9, Los Altos, CA; Art Concepts, Sunnyvale, CA; and by the Carol Dabb, Inc., Los Altos, CA.

Artist's Statement: "I express what I feel in my painting without adhering to a particular style. I don't distinguish between representation and abstraction, and am not bound by historical trends and tradition. I choose freely to use a variety of materials and methods. I like to paint common subjects including abstract, portraits, Bhuddist images, still life, and animals. I feel novel subjects and strange or unusual things don't last long and what is in vogue is only temporary. I find interesting meaning in ordinary subjects. For instance, I find it beautiful and enjoyable to paint even a small stone. I always observe nature and express my feelings through my work. I strive to work without losing my vitality. My outlook is always changing and I am ever looking for new things to observe and express."


Mountain View Art Gallery

Mountain View Homepage

Rose Trellis

copyright, Mountain View Art Gallery

Media: Mixed Media, 22 X 30

Mountain View Art Gallery features the creative and original artwork by members of one talented family. Landscapes, florals, castles, old houses and barns are favorite subjects of watercolorist Janet Mac Pherson. Western scenery in amazingly detailed gouache miniatures will be found in Bruce's Gallery, and glass paintings are the theme of Carole's Gallery.



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