Wagner's Stage Directions

"Lohengrin" Act 2

"In the fortress of Antwerp. In the middle of the background, the 'Palas' (abode of the knights); to the left, more to the foreground, stands the 'Kemenate' (abode of the women); to the other side, the porch of the cathedral; beyond that, the gate of the town. Frederick and Ortrud, both in black servile garments, look up from the darkness to the brightly lit windows of the 'Palas', where sounds of festive music are heard from time to time."


Act 1, Scene 3

"Tannhäuser suddenly finds himself in a beautiful vale. Blue sky and sunshine; at the back, the Wartburg."

Act 3, Scene 1

"The Hall of Minstrels in the Wartburg. In the background an uninterrupted view over the castle courtyard and the valley beyond."