Babz' African American Barbie Listing 

Dolls Are Listed By Release Year


Black Barbie


Magic Curl Barbie
Fashion Jean Barbie


Twirly Curls Barbie
Ballerina Superstar Barbie


Crystal Barbie
Great Shape Barbie
 Sun Gold Barbie
My First Barbie


Day to Night Barbie
Peaches & Cream Barbie


Astronaut Barbie
Dream Glow Barbie
My First Barbie
Magic Moves Barbie
Tropical Malibu Barbie


Fun Time Barbie
Jewel Secret Barbie
Super Hair Barbie


Animal Loving Barbie
Fun to Dress Barbie
My First Barbie
Perfume Pretty Barbie
Superstar Moves Barbie


Feeling Fun Barbie
Unicef Barbie
Wedding Fantasy Barbie
Woolworth Special Expressions


Dance Magic Barbie
Disney Fun Barbie
Fashion Play Barbie
Flight Time Barbie
Fun to Dress Barbie
Happy Holidays Barbie
Ice Capades Barbie
Sears Lavender Surprise
Western Fun Barbie
Woolworth Special Expressions


American Beauty Queen
Bath Magic Barbie
Bathtime Fun Barbie
Bob Mackie's Starlight Splendor
Costume Ball Barbie
Happy Holidays 1991
Nigerian Doll of the World
McGlynn's Bakery Barbie
My 1st Barbie
Marine Barbie Stars & Stripes
Navy Barbie Stars & Stripes
Woolworth Special Expression


Bath Blast Barbie
Birthday Party Barbie
Birthday Surprise
Jamaican Dolls of the World
Happy Holidays Barbie
My 1st Barbie
Kmart Pretty In Purple
Snap & Play Barbie
Sparkle Eyes Barbie
Desert Storm Barbie
Teen Talk Barbie
Totally Hair Barbie
TRU Barbie for President
TRU Cool & Sassy
TRU Fashion Bright
TRU Radiant In Red
TRU School Fun Barbie
Woolworth Special Expression
Woolworth Sweet Lavender


Earring Magic Barbie
Fountain Mermaid Barbie
Happy Holidays Barbie
Locket Surprise Barbie
My 1st Barbie
Paint and Dazzle Barbie
Romantic Bride Barbie
Secret Hearts Barbie
Air Force Barbie Stars and Stripes
Thunderbirds Barbie Stars and Stripes
TRU Dream Wedding
TRU Police Officer Barbie
TRU Moonlight Magic Barbie
TRU School Spirit Barbie
Twinkle Lights Barbie
Western Stampin' Barbie
Woolworth Special Expression


Classique Evening Extravaganza
Barbie Festival Red Velvet Delight Haute
Bedtime Barbie
Bicycling Barbie
Birthday Barbie
Camp Barbie
Dance n Twirl Barbie
Kenya Dolls of the World
Dr Barbie
Dress for Fun Barbie
Glitter Hair Barbie
Happy Holidays Barbie
My 1st Barbie
Swim and Dive Barbie
TRU Astronaut Barbie
Emerald Elegance Barbie
Wal-Mart Country Western
Star Barbie


Baywatch Barbie
Birthday Barbie
Bubble Angel Barbie
Butterfly Princess Barbie
Teacher Barbie
Cut & Style Barbie
Dance Moves Barbie
Happy Holidays Barbie
Hot Skating Barbie
My 1st Barbie
Ruffle Fun Barbie
Slumber Party Barbie
Strollin' Fun Barbie & Kelly
Supertalk Barbie
Sweet Dreams Barbie
TRU Purple Passion  Barbie
TRU Fire Fighter Barbie
Wal-Mart Country Bride Barbie
Holiday Barbie


Avon Winter Velvet
Avon Spring Blossom
Classique Starlight Dance Barbie
Happy Birthday Barbie
Holiday Barbie
GAP Barbie
Ghanaian Dolls of the World
Jewel Hair Mermaid
My First Tea Party
My Size Barbie
Ocean Friends
Olympic Gymnast
Pet Doctor Barbie
Pretty Hearts
Shopping Chic Barbie
Shopping Fun Barbie
Songbird Barbie
TRU Crystal Splender
TRU Doctor Barbie
TRU Got Milk Barbie
TRU Radiant Rose Barbie
Twirling Ballerina
Wal-mart Skating Star
Wal-mart Sweet Magnolia
Winter Fantasy Barbie


101 Dalmations Barbie
Angel Princess
Avon Spring Petals
Avon Winter Rhapsody
Barbie & Ginger
Birthday Barbie
Blossom Beauty
Bob Mackie' Ruby Radiance
Bryan Lars' Limelight Barbie
Bubbling Mermaid
Classique Romantic Interlude
Dentist Barbie
Flower Fun Barbie
Gap Barbie
Glamour Barbie
Holiday Barbie
Hula Hair
Jewelry Fun
Kaybee Toys Glamour Barbie
My First Tea Party
Ponytail Barbie
Shopping Fun with Kelly
Swan Lake Barbie
Tangerine Twist Barbie
Talk with Me Barbie(For Computer)
Targets 35th Anniversary
TRU Crystal Splendor
TRU Paleontologist
University Cheerleader
Penn State
U. Florida
U. Georgia
U. Miami
U. Michigan
U. Tennessee
Wal-mart 35th Anniversity
Winter Fantasy II
Winter Rhapsody


Angel of Joy
Avon's Winter Splender
Bead Blast
Byron Lars' Cinnabar
Coca-Cola Picnic
Couture Collection Symphony In Chiffon
Festive Season
Graduation 98
Happy Birthday
Holiday Barbie 1998
Harpist Angel
Horse Riding Barbie
Olympic Skater Barbie
Puzzle Craze
School Time Fun
Sticker Craze
University Cheerleaders
East Carolina
Georgia Tech
North Western
Virgina Tech
Uptown Chic II
Walmart's Portrait In Blue


101 Dalmations
40th Anniversary
Angel of Peace
Angel if Hope
Avon Rep Barbie
Avon's Snow Sensation
Birthday Wishes 99
Bob Mackie's Goddess of Africa
Byron Lars' Plum Royal
FAO Schwarz MGM Golden Hollywood
Heartstring Angel Barbie
Make A Valentine
March of Dimes
Millennium Princess
Pink Inspiration
Pretty in Plaid
Space Camp Barbie
Target's Club Wedding
Tree Trimming Barbie
University Cheerleader
North Carolina A&T
San Diego State
South Carolina
Texas Tech

Walking Barbie

1990 Bob Mackie's Starlight Splendor


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