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Once In Mongolia I
Noticed A Fire
Whole City Burning
And The Flames
Getting Higher
They're Yelling "Save Us
Or We're All Gonna Bake!"
I Ate The Flames
And Then I Drank
The Whole Lake
They Called Me
Bartok The Magnificent
The Specifically
Terrifically Magnificent!
A Mammal So Inflammable
He Saved The Day!
I Tell You, B-a-r-t-ok!
One Time In Hungary
This Dragon Appears
He's Very "Hungary"
No Dinner In Years!
And Then He Grabs Me And
I'm Practically Through!
He Was Deflated
'Cause I Knew My Kung Fu!
That's Why I'm
Bartok The Magnificent!
With A Ha! And A Hi-ya!
That Are Significant
That Dragon Hasn't Eaten
Since That Fateful Day
Thanks To B-a-r-t-ok
Bartok The Magnificent!
Undeniably, Reliably
And Heaven Help A Harpy
Who Gets In My Way!
I Guess I'm Just
A Natural Or So They Say!
This Batt'll Go To Battle
For You Come What May
I Tell You

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Somebody Needs You
And That's How It Starts
Someone Believes
You'll Come Through
You're Scared. So What?
I'll Bet You've Got
A Possible Hero In You
It's More Than Courage
Or Just Being Strong
Those Things Are Easy
To Do
Have Faith. Take Heart!
He's Kind. He's Smart!
That Possible Hero In You
Close Your Eyes
You're Unafraid
I Can Almost Predict
No More Tricks
No More False Pretenses
From The Back Of A Wagon
Maybe I'll Save
A Life Someday
Or Slay A Dragon!
Somebody Needs You
What Else Can You Do?
But Take Your Chances
And See
We're On Our Way
All Right?
A Possible Hero
Impossible Hero
A Possible Hero
In You
In Me

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A Witch's Life
Is Very Solitary
No One Around
To Talk To But Trees
So Many Years
Of Never Making Merry
But I Can Feel
A Change In The Breeze
'Cause Tonight There's
No One In The Hallway
No One Left Or Right
But My Hallways All Say
Someone's In My House
No One By My Fire
No One Sipping Tea
My Fire's Burning Higher
Someone's In My House
With Me
Witches Are People
With A Magic Intuition
And She's Having A Feeling
That Is Oh So Bewitching
Even Though No One's
Hanging Around
In The Kitchen
We Know That Someone
Is Near. Dear!
No One In The Attic
No One In My Chair
But I'm So Emphatic
Someone's In My House
Where Are You?
You Wouldn't Desert Me?
You Know It Would Hurt Me
Where Are You?
Little No One
You're Through!
No One In The Mirror
No One By The Door
But I'm Getting Clearer
Someone's In My House
For Sure!
No One Small Or Dumb
No One Pink And White
No One Here I Come!
Someone's In My House
Someone's In My House
And No One's Getting Out

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