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Welcome to my galleries - I'm very glad you found me!  If you want to relax for a few minutes and enjoy some great art and music, you've surfed into the right place :)  I hope you can kick back and spend some time here - there's a lot to see...this site seems to have taken on a life of its own! *grin*

During your stay here, I hope you will enjoy the wonderful music and beautiful applets in Art Galleries & Museums and the poetry in Tunnels of Love. Of course, you must also experience the magic of Dreamworlds, take the Steppin' Out tour and play Trivia before you go! You can wander through Related Sites and Web Rings which lead to some great cyberplaces and, oh yes, please don't forget to visit Awards, where I keep the wonderful honors that have been given to me and Credits for the artists that have inspired me to create this experience.

Enjoy!  ~donamarie

I hope you can take a moment to sign my guestbook :) 

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Pages are java intensive and download time may be slow - please wait, you won't be disappointed :)  The music was chosen to create an ambiance for each gallery *ooh...ahh* - and yes, since it IS my site, I have taken many creative liberties! *grin*   I hope you enjoy ~dm

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