Enya is one of my favorite artists. Her music is very spiritual and in some ways romantic. Play the following midi Water Mark to hear an example. Although the midi does sound nice, it does not give the full beauty of her music. For that, you must listen to her tapes or cd's.

Another one of my favorites is Cursum Perficio. Again the midi is only a representation. To get the full value of her music you must hear it in its original form on cd. It sounds even better with her vocals. Press the following button to play this midi

Perhaps a little change of pace with another selection
called Unchained Melody.
Play any one of the three selections while you read the following poem.

Assumptions and Misconceptions will destroy a relationship.
Open, Honest Communication is the key that will make


I smile whenever I recall
The special moments we have had;
Walking always hand in hand
Through the good times and the bad.
Sometimes, I think it is a dream --
The love you give me could not be;
But then when you are in my arms
There's no mistake in its purity.
Whether I'm with you or far away,
My thoughts are always drawn to you
Like a compass needle pointing North
To a love much more than true.
Of all the people on this Earth --
How lucky can a person be;
To have found the likes of you, my love,
With whom to share eternity!

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(Merry Christmas - music - "Chestnuts Roasting" wav file
Java snowdrift class by 6sense requires java enabled browser)

(True meaning - all browsers)

(Satire - Java snow class code requires java enabled browser)

(Winter Lake scene - music - Enya midi "On your shore"
Java Lake class code requires java enabled browser)

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