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Poetry is not merely an articulation of words, nor it's an esoteric literary endeavor from a fancied mind. I consider it a means of portraying the inner man, putting inscrutable contours of thoughts and imaginations into conscience of words. Trekking through dismal streetlights on a windy night to recollect the swerving days of summer, or discovering the quintessence of a serene moon amid all inner flickers of sorrow, poetry extols life in archetypal subtlety. It truly unveils the splendor of life.

Hello, welcome to my page of poetry. Not that I am a renowned writer, nor I write simply for complacency. But, ever since I was drawn to the allegorical lore, it's become somewhat an impulse to stay within metrical delight. I love to add obscurity for my own construction of idiosyncrasy. Most of these poems have been published in leading Dailies and Magazines. Many of them were written in the midst of busy professional schedules. They would, perhaps, represent a personality often touched by earth-bound trivialities and sometimes by pure imagination.

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So far I have published two books:

Crepuscular Growing Desire Freewheeling
Miscellaneous of You After Rain Stayin' in Wind
Prayin' for Sin Moments Mushroom
Sunset on Suburban River Passion Shanghaied
Animation in Skyline Poetry Twist in a Morn
Summer-prelude Some Sanities Pain
You, in a Poet’s Conspiracy Leaving Town Terrestrial Blues

My favorites and a few pics of myself

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