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It is my intention to get one of every PATRICK ROY card! Quite the daunting task! But... with the help of this page and others I think I can do it ... or I'm going to die trying!
Perhaps you can help! Take a look and let me know what you can do. Towards the bottom of this page you will find other cards I need, cards I have to trade and a list of good, bad & questionable traders.
Thanks for looking!



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If you see something on my list you want but don't have any of the Patrick Roy cards I need, I am also interested in:

- Toronto Maple Leafs (RCs, autos, GU, inserts or parallels only - no base unless used as filler to make up the difference
 in a trade)
- Team Canada
- Former Kingston Frontenacs (ie. Anythony Stewart, Chris Stewart, etc.)
- Players born in Kingston, ON (ie. Doug Gilmour, Kirk Muller, etc.)

Set Needs

Good Traders: (81) *links & emails may be broken as this is an old list
Kelly England - tinytitan80@aol.com - TinyTitan80sCards
Chris Melnyk - euphoria18_79@hotmail.com - Euphoria's Trading Cards
Mark Munday - mundaym23@hotmail.com - Wantlist/Tradelist
Jason Filipiak - jfilipiak@hotmail.com - Flip's Cards
Jeff Tyson - cujoluva@hotmail.com - Beckett Page
Tom Benedetto - TBenede878@aol.com - Beckett Page
Garrett Storts - wcssms@usmo.com - Beckett Page
Josh Close - jsclose@mtco.com - Beckett Page
Carl Mervyn - cdmervyn@aol.com - Carl's SportsCards
Jean-Guy Perron - pjean_guy@sympatico.ca - Beckett Page
Braden Hunt - bradenhunt@netscape.net - Beckett Page
Bob Piton - rpiton@videotron.ca - Beckett Page
Zack Torbet - zacktorbet06@earthlink.net - Beckett Page
Don Harvey - sendon@magma.ca - Beckett Page
Jarrod Beztilny - jbeztilny@shaw.ca - Beckett Page
Dave Dillon - daveandkim@firststep.net - Beckett Page
Ken Jackson - kjackson@epsb.net -Ken's Cards
Claude Cadieux - cjrcadieux@hotmail.com -Beckett Page
Kevin Frantz - dxcouch@adelphia.net -DXCouch's Hockey Cards
Patrick Cvetic - bpcvetic@comcast.net -Beckett Page
George Argentino - bellatino@msn.com - Beckett Page
Jamie Northrup - CanadianHockeyCollector@sympatico.ca - CanadianHockeyCollector.Com
Andrei Gavrilov - autogrph55@yahoo.com - Andrei's Trading Cards
Paul Agruso - Pugs135@yahoo.com - Pugs Place
Rob Bullouch - jarik17@hotmail.com - Beckett Page
Scott Shappit - sshapp1661@rogers.com - Beckett Page
Michael Anderson - omnimutant@earthlink.net - CollectionMonster Storefront
Paul LaVerne - bre5tt@yahoo.com - Beckett Page
Rick Comnick - realricrod@attbi.com - Ricrod's Home Page
Brian Vesall - hrbek_jr@msn.com - Brian's Twisted Little World
Keith Milner - edgekeith@hotmail.com - Keith's Cards
Jean-Sol Mathieu - wg99fan@yahoo.com - wg99fan's cards
Tim Bohn - bohn787@yahoo.com - Beckett Page
Rob Stevenson - satjack@post.com - Satjack's Sakic Shack
Dan Healy - drdan@med.umich.edu - Beckett Page
Kyle Cozzens - cozzens99@sportscardsheriff.com - Collectionmonster Storefront
John Franchellini - franj524@hotmail.com - Beckett Page
Kyle Groombridge - coolmandude135790@hotmail.com - Beckett Page
Ryan Rick - rocky33_48750@yahoo.com - Rocky33's Page
Patrick Allen - pjallen95@webtv.net - Patrick's Site
Henry Spelman - badukasave@yahoo.com - Beckett Page
Mark Quillen - MQuillen@IKON.com - Beckett Page
Ed Jonas - ecjonas@starpower.net - Beckett Page
Chris Neilson - 1alexa11@tampabay.rr.com - Beckett Page
Brandon Schott - cn_power2003@yahoo.com - Beckett Page
Lis Jack - cardsnmore@sportsaddict.com - Cards N More
Dave Fugera - dfugera@hemc.net - Beckett Page
Jeff Schaffer - schafferjm@hotmail.com - Beckett Page
Jason Barrett - blargh_bah@yahoo.com - Jason's Cards
Steve Fraser - thefraserclan@comcast.net - Beckett Page
Bob Westhoven - Robwes207@aol.com - Bob's Cards
Richard R. Talbot - emerald.king@rogers.com - Beckett Page
Jeremy Goldmeier - NoriBeard@aol.com - Beckett Page
Jessica Pikul - mcgillis3@juno.com - Beckett Page
Duane Harper - dharper000@hotmail.com - Harpoon's Hockey Cards
Andy Nunes - PalffyHitThePost@aol.com - Andy's Site
Dave Tierney - tierney8@earthlink.net - Beckett Page
Mike Farkas - mikey287@comcast.net - Beckett Page
Daniel Boivin - d.boivin@3web.net - Beckett Page
Jason Minalga - jminalga@sbcglobal.net - Beckett Page
Barb Hardin - goalieracer@yahoo.com - Beckett Page
Dave Rearick - dbk3@comcast.net - Beckett Page
Shawn Turner - shawnt@min.midco.net - Beckett Page
Renee Nelson - sparkly7575@yahoo.ca - Beckett Page
Ivo Svec - ivosvec@hotmail.com
Jeff Lisa - rjlisa@optonline.net
Guy Dion - nanguy@globetrotter.net
Don White - doniceage@aol.com
Roy Kirton - roykirton@hotmail.com
Douglas Olejniczak - originalchester@yahoo.com
Cliff Brown - cbrown@nf.sympatico.ca
Paul Turenne - kgorkofa077@rogers.com
Mike McCallum - mapleleaf6767@yahoo.com
Frank Gower - frank.gower@sympatico.ca
Bruce Tuttleman - suitman19@chartermi.net
Rob Webster - CBuggweb@aol.com
Cissie Roberts - blackngold14@yahoo.com
Larry Nester - larrycapsfan@yahoo.com
Craig Toler - cbc2112@yahoo.com
Bob Pinette - kbpinette@shaw.ca
+ Many More! (If I traded with you and you're not listed PLMK or if your info has changed!!)

Name: Matt Stewart
userid: matstew
email: seashell@accesscomm.ca
www: http://www.beckett.com/userpages/matstew.html
Details: Waited one month and never received my cards (Approx $150 BV) and despite numerous emails, he did not respond. I strongly advise NOT trading with this guy.
Please feel free to email me for more details!

Name: John Baker
userid: 13beaker
email: jem13ca@eastlink.ca
www: http://www.beckett.com/userpages/13beaker.html
Details: Rec'd my cards from him fine but missing a Tie Domi RC. When I contacted him about this, he responded very rudely that he had not rec'd his cards. We emailed back and forth for awhile and I was completely willing to work things out if he would remain calm and act cival towards me. Finally after several emails he choose replacement cards which I sent with signature confirmation so that there would be no if, ands or buts about it. The packaged was signed for BY HIM on May 5th. I emailed him about three times between the 6th and the 27th before finally getting a response on May 29. His email to me simply said "Got the cards in the mail on Wed."
Needless to say, I suggest not trading with this guy unless delivery confirmation is used both ways. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions! Please note that this is just my opinion on the trade I had with him and he is not necessarily a "bad" trader.. merely questionable in my opinion. Thanks.
- Seems I am not the only one who had problems with "Mr.Baker".. here is a link to another users page who had problems with him:

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