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Welcome to the first installment of  
URL Me, BABE!   
a semi-weekly, sometimes witty collection of recommended links and commentary brought to you by  Grimpen and Syrena 

We are two netheads who spend way too much time surfing the web so that you don't have to. We love the Internet and we have a broad variety of interests, so we hope we can find something between Charles Manson and the Christian Coalition that will keep you coming back regularly to check out what we have unearthed for you. 


will include some fun, interesting, informative and just plain wierd sites in our recommended links. Check out  The Urban Legends Reference Pages for an entertaining rundown on those persistent rumors, complete with a background sound loop of I Heard It Through the Grapevine  

Those of you who actually know Grimpen and me, tout le monde connait that we frequently sprinkle our speech with pretentious foreign phrases. Now, at last, we reveal our secret - Altavista Translations! Yep, that's right. You put in a phrase, such as "Are you talking about my mother?" Select, oh, let's say English to Spanish, hit the enter key, and Viola, You're multilingual! 

And, didn't we say "informative?" One of the most must-see sites we have seen in all our travels on the web is called An Atlas of Cyberspaces. It is a selection of the many "maps" and conceptual representations of  this thing called The Internet. If you want to see The Big Picture, take a look at this one, it's a winner. 

As for the just plain wierd, and kinda wonderful, check out Jesus of the Week. It's self-explanatory. 

Of course, many of the sites on the web are not wierd, funny or likely to change your life. Most, in fact, are merely useful. URL Me, BABE! intends to fill that void in your life for useful Websites, too. How about an award-winning Website with a data base of hundreds of Cookie Recipes? How about a national forum for the exchange of ideas on the differences between human beings and whether or not they matter? Hell, how about the Museum of Modern Art? 


Chances are that if you are reading this you have an account with an Internet Service Provider (here's the Website for ours). Most ISP's give you a small amount of space for you to launch your own site and it is included in your monthly bill. Well, ya paying for it, ya might as well be using it! Call your ISP today and find out how to launch your own Website. They will probably offer to set it up for you for a fee. If you've got the cash, go for it. If not, you can can easily learn to build your own site. Yes, you can. No, we're not kidding. If we can do it, believe us, you can too.  

The code used to make Webpages is called HTML and there are several  HTML-editing programs which use a graphical user interface to make HTMLing as easy (well, almost) as word-processing. Trial copies, retail copies (and some free copies) of many of these programs can be downloaded at C-NETs or For Mac users, try TUCOWS. If you are using Netscape Communicator, you probably already have a Webpage-making, HTML-editing tool already on your box, Netscape Composer. Click the picture on the bottom right of the window, it looks like a pen and a sheet of paper. Hello.  

In our next installment, we will link you to some Websites where you can find all the information you need to become a Dangerous Driver on the Information Superhighway. O.K., here's a tidbit: At, you can find the answer to almost any question about the World Wide Web and how to use it.  

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our addiction and you will keep coming back for more. We welcome suggestions for how to improve URL Me, BABE!,  and links to sites we may have over looked. We are also very interested in getting rich from sponsorships of this site, so tell all your friends at Fortune 500 about us.

URL Me, BABE! and contents copyright © 1998, Grimpen and Syrena.
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