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UPDATEDNov. 1,1999

Hi and Welcome to my page. I guess a good place to start is an introduction to who I am. (like ya wanna know anyway) :) So lets begin...My real name is Jeff and I am 28 yrs old, living in Ohio. I married young and well, like many marriages, it didnt last. But I do have 2 wonderful daughters; 10 & 6. They are so adorable!! Unfortunately however, I only get to see them every other weekend. And the usual holiday thing. So the time shared with them is Precious!!

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I enjoy many things in life and have lots of "hobbies". The most recent is my 1972 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson Rapido 125cc. It's in bad shape and i need your help in finding parts for this bike. If you know where i can get a hold of any, sign my guestbook with links or email addy's, it'll help out tremendously!! I'll post a "before" pic when i get it scanned.

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