Welcome, dear visitor, to Heart of Gold and Angelbaby's House of Love!

In the spheres of heaven - far above the cotton clouds and the sun-lit rainbows - you might catch a glimpse of Angelbaby before she descends to Earth ...

And in a faraway land, where the blood-red sun never sets and where trolls roam the vast forrests, walks a man with a Heart of Gold ... singing softly about his precious pearl.

Once, a long time ago, Heart of Gold and Angelbaby met ... and fell instantly in love. And they have loved each other ever since ... and for eternity.

This is our Palace in Paradise - our home on the Net. Thread lightly, please.

If your heart is filled with love and caring, we are your friends forever.

~ Heart of Gold and Angelbaby ~

The No-Evil Family-Site Award

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