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A Few Thousand Words...

Spoken in Photographic Silence

(LEFT) Brad and Bri in a tender moment. (RIGHT) A shot on the shore of Mancos State Park.

(Above) The hike out of Lost Canyon, Colo. (Above, right) Sweets and Brad.

(BOTTOM Right) Ansel Adams-esque shot of our first night of camping,

just outside Moab. (Bottom) The Five Musketeers and the GOAT.

(ABOVE Left) Sweets and Brad, in case you didn't catch it the first time around. (ABOVE Right) Stopping by the highway to admire an awesome sunset and to run around like sea monkeys. (BOTTOM RIGHT) Glancing around from the Visitor's Center at Canyonlands, UT. (BOTTOM Left) A color shot from the same vantage point.

(ABOVE Left) I-70 in all it's sunset glory, somewhere in Kansas. (ABOVE Right) Another shot of rocks. Whee. (BOTTOM Right)Rog and Brad resting in Lost Canyon. (BOTTOM Left) The spookily deserted town of Cisco, UT. If you want a definition of "desolate," go there. For a definition of "(insert joke here)," go see Sweets' mom.

(ABOVE Left) Sweets and me after Sweets' told me he was in love with Brad. (ABOVE Right) Tom, after finding out Sweets' wasn't in love with him. (BOTTOM Right) The Colorado by our camp the first night. (BOTTOM Left) The first rest stop we stopped at in Co. gave us this amazing view.

(ABOVE Left) Sweets pretending to be dumb enough to try and set up a rain-fly while actually checking out Brad's, um, assets. (ABOVE Right) The excitement that is Kansas. (BOTTOM Right) Our "unauthorized" campsite at Mancos State Park. (BOTTOM Left) Hmm, more rocks.

(ABOVE Left) Once again, ladies and gentlemen...I-70. Or, as my therapist says, "I-70, You 70." (ABOVE Right) Colorado Rockies. Nice. (BOTTOM Right)More Mancos. (BOTTOM Left) A still from the up-coming release, "The Blair Toad Project."

(ABOVE Left) Sweets playing the old "Guess the Weight" Game with Bri. (ABOVE Right) Amazingly enough, we found more rock out West. Someone call Ripley's. (BOTTOM Right) Tracks outside of Cisco, UT, heading the one way everyone went: AWAY. (BOTTOM LEFT) God. God's camera shy and jumped behind a cloud at the last minute.

(ABOVE Left) The trail we took down in Syncline, near Upheaval Dome. If you look in the bottom left corner of the picture, you'll see the trail disappearing DOWN. We were soon to follow. (ABOVE Right) Rocky spires overlooking our first campsite near Moab, UT. (BOTTOM Right) Brad finds out Sweets' secret passion. (BOTTOM Left) Green hills rolling in the distance like solid ocean swells.

(ABOVE Left) Rorshach test...what do you see? (ABOVE Right) Ansel Adams called, he wants his pictures back. (BOTTOM Right) Our first fire, set by Sweets. He's the flame in the picture. (BOTTOM Left) Hiking out of hell, a.k.a., Syncline.

(ABOVE Left) Rog, King of I-70...and Ford Windstars. (ABOVE MIDDLE) Ansel Adams must've helped me out with this one. (ABOVE Right) Lewis and Clark shivered as Rog and Brad tried to lead us out of Overlook.(BOTTOM Right) Colorado rest stop. Again. (BOTTOM Left) Deja vu? There's been a change in the Matrix.

Sweets and Rog talking about Brad.

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