The most popular cliff in Trikala for hard, pure sport climbing.
Steep walls, divided in 3 sectors (till now), located in a very beautiful area of green, rocks and rivers.
This place is 18 Km west from Trikala and has been recently discovered. There are not so many routes at this moment but more and more new routes are continually being opened.
All sectors in Mouzaki offer overhanging sport climbs in very well protected routes. So you don't need any equipment except the standards.

Orientation is not the same for every sector.
In sector A the orientation is East, in sector B is South and in sector C is NorthWest.

Best period is all the year round. In summer, when it is too hot, sectors A and C are the best choice. The sector  B is in shadow after 15:00. It is also possible to climb during rain in all sectors, although after longer periods of rain some stalactites remain wet.
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