Me and Motoki have resently celevrated out third month anniversery and i didn't get any gifts, COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! Send us your fics and pics!

             Although the site has been updating slowly resently, it is still up, it's just that neither my sister or myself have a lot of time to do this with home work and work and band practise (for me atleast) and well all this shit that has been going on.... Not to mention our endless addiction to Final Fantasy, we have Final Fantasy Origins, well actually we borrowed it from my boyfriend... who will remain nameless becuase that is none of your business of his name.... HAHAHAHAHA, he's soo hott!!! Now back to the updates! **Flies away like Superman**
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Latest News:   06/10/04 - Come on people, you needa start sending
                                     your stories and pictures and things in, send
                                     yours in now and win an award... PLEASE!

The site is permently under constructions but hopefully with the way we are going... we will be finished by the end of this month or the first week of next month.
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