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So you found you're way here.  Angelus welcomes you with outstretched fangs.  The following collection of fictions aimed to un-nerve even the most Slayery of Slayers.

I started writing BtVS fanfiction with fluffiness like 'I love you Buffy', 'I love you Angel' and all the sappy crap that goes with.  But lately I found my way to the dark side accidentally by writing "Slayer To The Dark Side" and now I can't stop it's so much damn fun !

"It's like a drug !"


Or what happened was I used to be good.  LJSAngel.  Then after one moment of 'Bliss' 'Sheer Contentment', 'Perfect Happiness' whatever you wanna call it, I turned evil and lost my Soul.  LJSAngelus.  Now I kill and torture all the characters that used to make me laugh and feel loved.

"She made me feel like a human being.  That's not the kinda thing you just forgive."


Please don't blame me if you have some issues after reading these.  And most of these are classified 15 or 18 in Britain meaning violence, sex, bloodplay, gore and all the stuff that goes hand in hand with Angelus.  In the US I think you call it R or NC-17.

  "I don't get your crazy system !"


Believe me, you haven't written BtVS and AtS fanfic until, you've written an evil one from inside Angelus's head.  SO MUCH FUN.  I would say Slayer To The Dark Side is me trying on the dark clothes for the first time so not really horrifically evil.  Towards the end of Over The Edge I REALLY start messing wit' ch'all.  Then The Return Of Angelus Series is the most vicious of all, not surprisingly.  Most brutal would be parts Two and Three with explicit torture.  Home Truths is my first slash because I suck at it.  Read it and lemme me know what you think.  Please.  Points from experienced slashers would be great..  Another smutty fic is Let's have some fun, which was, for me, so fun to write because it involves Angel and a certain dark haired vampire.. Hmm.  It's a challenge fic so silliness ensues.  In Angelic Nightmares, Buffy slips into Angel's dream -again- and is ain't pleasant with Darla and Angelus revisted.  My next evil series I'm working on is Trading Places with lots of bloodplay, violence, torture as Buffy is sent back to the past to Sire Angelus.  Lately, I felt like writing slash with A/X (which is probably my favoured slash pairing) but then I thought that no fic would be complete without Spikey so I added in Blondie Bear and you have a Slashy fic of extremely ludicrous proportions which is Caped Crusader.  (Crappy name I know.  Taking the piss out of the running Angel Batman motif in the series.)

So read on friend...

Non-Series Fics

  Slayer To The Dark Side  (September 1999)
LOVE FOR LOVE, LIFE FOR LIFE, SOUL FOR SOUL.. Set after Passion, Buffy is changed to a dark slayer.  All Hell is soon to break loose on Sunnydale under the reign of the evil Slayer and her lover, Angelus...
The only way to bring Buffy back is to soul Angel...
Category - Buffy/Angelus
Rating - 15 or R because of vagued sex and couple of bad words (hey, it's Angelus)

  Over The Edge  (March 2001)
AS DRAMATIC IRONY GOES, ON A SCALE OF 1-10, THIS IS ABOUT 19 Set after "Darla", Angel's out on the streets trying to find his now mortal Sire.  Wes calls Buffy and tells her that Angel's in real trouble with Darla and he could be slipping over the edge.  Buffy finds Darla but she doesn't know that she's human...  Buffy admits to Angel what she REALLY loves.  Loves the darkness
Category - Buffy/Angel and a little Angel/Darla.  He's a guy in demand
Rating - 15 aka R.

  Home Truths  (March-April 2001)
STILL LOVE HIM?  Spike tell Buffy something she never imagined about Angels past.  Something that would change everything.
Category - Angel/Spike
Rating - NC-17 for really bad m/m slash.  My first slash.  I think I suck.  Lemme know what U think.

  Let's Have Some Fun  (April 2001)
CHALLENGE FIC  This is a response to a challenge set on the Lindsey McDonald fanfiction page.  turned more into a Angel having fun kinda deal.  Sorta silly fic
Category - Lindsey/Willow  Angel/Other
Rating - NC-17

**  Angelic Nightmares 
FIGHTING WITHIN.. Angel slips into a nightmare he can't get out of.  Everything he has done, every scream, every victim... Guest starring Angelus, Darla and Buffy
Category - B/A Aus/B Aus/D A/D
Rating - R

  Caped Crusader (03 July 2001)
I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT.. PWP *grin*.   Well a smidge of plot. Xander has a dream about Angel which leads to completely illogical and way-out-of-character pairings.  Ooh and there's a blonde guy interrupting and a competition with Xander..  Mmm.  Love it already.
Category - A/S/X
Rating - NC-17

Series Fics


The Return Of Angelus Series  January- April 2001

  The Return Of Angelus Part One - I'm A Vampire !
DARKNESS IS BACK AND HE WANTS THE SLAYER.. Starts at the end of "Eternity".  Angelus needs to permanently keep his soul.  He needs perfect happiness.  He needs Buffy.
Category - Buffy/Angelus
Rating - NC-17 or 18

  The Return Of Angelus Part Two-The Slow And Painful Death of Riley Finn
RILEY FINN, THIS WILL BE THE DAY YOU DIE... SLOWLY After becoming non soulboy for good, Angelus needs to sort out a few things.  Such as tearing apart whoever touched Buffy.  For example, Agent Riley Finn
Category -  Angelus in Torture mode : WARNING! Riley-bashing is an extremely loose term here.  More like Riley's-pulled-apart-deader-that-dead.
Rating - R for violence and language aka 15

  The Return Of Angelus Part Three- Scooby Slayin'
DON'T KILL ME?  PLEASE COULD YOU BE ANY MORE PROSAIC ?  After an extremely therapeutic homicide in the shape of Riley Finn, Angelus decides it's time to take more of the Slayerettes out of the equation.  Scenes of Xander torture are kinda.. bleurgh.  Caution.
Category -  Angelus + bloodplay + character death.  He, he, he!
Rating - R for violence and language.

  The Return Of Angelus Part Four - Gettin' Closer
READY FOR ME YET BUFF? Xander, Willow and Riley down.  Next up the two people Buffy loves dearly - Mom Joyce and Watcher Giles.  Angelus decides to pay a little visit to his beloved bleached childe..
Category -  Again with the Angelus + bloodplay + character death.  Ha!
Rating - See Scooby Slayin'

 The Return Of Angelus Part Five A  - Final Showdown
FOREVER IS THE WHOLE POINT Now the Slayer stands alone.  She has nothing left to hold onto.  But Angelus and the memory of her Angel.  Things must come to an end.
Category -  Again with the Angelus + bloodplay + character death. *grin*
Rating - R for violence and language aka 15

  The Return Of Angelus Part Five B - Love and Hate
THERE IS TWO CONCLUSIONS TO EVERY BATTLE Written because someone requested a happier ending to this saga.  Dammit!  I'm too accommodating!  Buffy goes to kill Angel but things turn out very differently.  NOT TOTALLY HAPPY THOUGH.  NOT EXACTLY FLUFFY MUSHY B/A SHIPPERNESS
Category - Buffy/Angel(us) + violence
Rating -  R

  The Trading Places Series

  His Sire  (15/05/2001)
WHAT IF HISTORY COULD BE CHANGED? Buffy thinks about her own bond to Angel and thinks about how different Darla's relationship is to hers.  She wishes she was Angel's Sire and finds someone's listening.  Suddenly she finds herself somewhere strange..
Category - Buffy/Angel
Rating - NC-17

**  The Future Is Past
GONE IS OUR SOULFUL FUTURE, NOW WE HAVE THE BLOODY PRESENT  As Angelus's Sire, Buffy has her work cut out creating the Scourge of Europe out of her whelp.  Some familiar faces are made and fun had by all.  Then the soul searchin' trip to Romania..
Category - Buffy/Angel
Rating - NC-17 most likely

**  The Soul
IT HAPPENED ONCE, IT'S HAPPENED AGAIN As Buffy realizes what was meant to be has happened, she tries to redeem herself.  She doesn't meet her lover until the Hellmouth, 1997..
Category - Buffy/Angel
Rating - R

**  Wanting What You Always Had
WRONG TO MESS WITH FATE Buffy tries to undo the centuries of horrors she and Angelus have committed.  She tries to get back in herself, the old her back fighting Darla in LA 2001..
Category - Buffy/Angel
  Rating - R



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