The Doctrine of the Atonement

of the Creation and Humanity by

the Person and Work of Jesus Christ

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Holy Bible,
English Standard Version™ (ESV™)

World Wide Study Bible New Testament Translation (John Wesley)

About English Bible Translations

Early Church Fathers
(absolutely essential material)

The Articles of Religion & Confession of Faith
of The United Methodist Church

Explanatory Notes on the Holy Bible (John Wesley) The Wesleyan Quadrilateral in Wesley (Albert Outler)

The Nature of Wesleyan Theology (J. Kenneth Grider)

Wesleyanism & the Inerrancy Issue (J. Kenneth Grider)

Jesus Christ, the Incarnation of God:

The Christ Hymn (Philippians 2:5-11) Colossians 1:15-23

The Emmanuel Prophecy (Matthew 1:18-25) John's Prologue (John 1:1-18)

On the Incarnation (St. Athanasius) Second Paschal Oration (St. Gregory of Nazianzen)

Placing Christ at the Center of All (Maxie Dunnam) The Governmental Theory of the Atonement (J. Kenneth Grider)


Nine Questions (James Arminius) Discussion on Predestination (James Arminius & Francis Junius)

Analysis of Romans 9 (James Arminius) On Predestination to Salvation (James Arminius)

The Remonstrants A Biblical Concept of a Just God (Robert L. Brush)

On Predestination (John Wesley) What is an Arminian? (John Wesley)

Finding God's Will (Anthony Campolo) On "Eternal Security" (Gordon Olson)

The Believer's Conditional Election (Daniel Corner)


Justification by Faith (John Wesley) Salvation by Faith (John Wesley)

The Scripture Way to Salvation (John Wesley)

The Governmental Theory of the Atonement
(John Miley)

Why the Satifaction/Punishment theory of the Atonement is Wrong
(John Miley)

The Governmental Theory: An Expansion (J. Kenneth Grider)

Substitution in Suffering (John Miley) The Atonement (Daniel Steele)

Salvation: God's Provision, Man's Need

A Brief Introductory Sketch of the Grotian Theory of the Atonement (Frank H. Foster)

Analytic Testing of the Penal Substitution theory of the Atonement (John Miley)

The Atonement as a Factor in Divine Government (S.R. Fiske)

The Atonement (Albert Barnes) The Atonement (Dean Harvey)

Historical Opinions as to the Nature of Christ's Atoning Death (Gordon C. Olson)

The Philosophy Of Law And Grace (Kel Good) Therefore Choose! (Jonathan Duttweiler)


Forsyth, P.T. The Cruciality of the Cross. London: Independent Press, 1948.

Forsyth, P.T. The Person and Place of Jesus Christ.

Forsyth, P.T. The Work of Christ. London: Collins, 1965.

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Miley, John. The Atonement in Christ. New York: Phillips & Hunt, 1879.
(out of print and very difficult to find...
but it is a masterpiece in the field of atonement theology)

Miley, John. Systematic Theology, 2 vols. New York: Eaton & Mains, 1892.

Shelton, R. Larry. "Initial Salvation" in A Contemporary Wesleyan Theology: Biblical, Systematic, and Practical, vol. 1,
Charles W. Carter, editor. Wilmore, KY: Francis Asbury Press, 1983.

Wiley, H. Orton. Christian Theology, 3 vols. Kansas City, MO: Beacon Hill, 1940.

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